Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paul Zingg's blaming game

Dear Paul Zingg,

I am sure that by you shutting down the Greek System at Chico State that no one will ever drink alcohol again weather Greek or otherwise. Our beloved alma mater will become the Brigham Young of the west coast and the many bars of downtown will change the many buck nights to free milk Fridays…..Or not. The problem is not the Greek System the problem is kids who have never had any freedom before and have no common sense because their parents did not instill it into them but put them in time out every time something went wrong and then gave them a treat for it.  Greek or non-Greek kids are going to drink and the Greeks get a bad rap because of what is perceived as the “Animal House” mentality that the media portrays.  Discipline and common sense starts at home. Start addressing the problem there and we will not have any more of these unfortunate deaths.
PS. On a side note props to B. Posey!!! MVP