Wednesday, August 16, 2017

There is no apartheid in a foxhole

Dear Charlottesville, 

When will we learn as a country that the complexion of your skin doesn't define a person?

241 years,  a civil war and numerous other transgressions later and we still haven't figured out as a nation that there are only three colors that matter….Red, white and blue. Until we do, we the people are doomed to fail.

Citizens are granted freedoms in the United States that people in other countries die for trying to obtain everyday. We continue to morally decline when it comes to them. As the events in Virginia unfolded over the weekend the hate that we have towards one another brought light to this situation. In 2017, swastika flags and the KKK shouldn't be front page news, yet there they were on full display for the world to see. The first amendment gives people of this nation the right to free speech, it doesn't however grant them tact and class. We as a country need to take a step back and realize right from wrong. For example: 


1. If you wave a Nazi flag in America you are by any definition an idiot. The reason why your first language isn't German today is because the greatest generation this country has seen defeated the hate associated with it. 

2. Wearing a hood and chanting racial slurs doesn't make you tough, it mean you are a coward who is afraid of the consequences of your actions. 

3. Vandalizing and illegally tearing down historic statues doesn't change the past. They are part of history and we are meant to learn from the accomplishment and mistakes of those who came before us. 

4. Hating a person based on skin color, race, religion, etc. We have had a lifetime to learn this lesson, yet a select few still fail at it everyday. 


1. Not doing any of the above mentioned transgressions. 

See how easy that is? Common sense continues to be at a loss in our current society. 

Leadership in the highest office continues to fail is when it comes to racial tension. I have never had a problem with someone taking the time to get the facts right before making a statement based solely on a political agenda, but Donald, if you see someone with a Nazi flag in their hand throwing up the Hitler salute you should have immediately been in front of a camera addressing the nation and denouncing this heinous conduct. You’re the President of the United States, act like it. 

You can portray yourselves as white nationalist, alt right, black lives matter, new black panthers or any other organization that puts an emphasis on ones skin tone and spew resentment towards another. You are a hate group plain and simple, and this country has no need for you or your cause. 

One of my favorite movie lines is “There’s no apartheid in a foxhole.” We wake up and battle everyday at this game called life, and I like to know that the people I choose to go through it with have my back no matter what the color of mine or there skin is. We are one nation and until we figure that out as a whole, the fraction will divide us and ultimately destroy what so many great people created, which is the United States. God Bless…..


Happy hump day peeps on this mild August day. If you do one thing today, have the courage to make some smile and remember…..Take a look in the mirror, that’s your competition. 

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