Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The human aspect of this election cycle

Dear people of America, 

Every four years we get to do something special in this country and the only requirement is that you are a citizen of the United States. With that honor you have a chance to change the world. It doesn't matter your ethnicity, who you chose to love or how much money you have in your bank account. With the simple strike of a pen, we all have the power to put America back on track. 

Now I’m not saying that either of these stellar candidates that the current ruling parties of our political system has presented us will be the leader that we so desperately need as a country, but by not partaking in the process you have only yourself to blame for when we fail as a nation and can claim no credit when we succeed. It’s that simple. 

Stereotypes have never been more prevalent than this election cycle. If you're white, a redneck or old, you are voting for Trump. If you're black, a women or a millennial, you are voting for Clinton…WRONG. The media is their to report on what they perceive as election news, it shouldn’t make your political decisions for you. An experience I had reaffirmed my faith in this. I recently had a conversation in my travels with guy who was raised in Chicago and currently resides in Atlanta. We discussed for hours topics that ranged from sports to politics and what we both realized is our political views were identical in most aspects. One of us a black man from the inner city and the other a white guy raised on a farm. Isn't it funny how two people from completely different backgrounds can agree on something? We didn't need CNN or FOX news to tell us that, all we needed was our intelligence and our love for this country. 

Don’t vote for someone because they are a women or are a businessman. Vote for who YOU think will make this country great. Throw party beliefs aside and use that God given ability of “intelligent thought” to make your decisions. Please don't limit this to your presidential nomination, but to all other choices put forth before you on that ballot.

My political beliefs lean neither right or left. The only direction they angle towards is what is best for the United States. This is where our current political environment has failed us. We worry more on what will secure votes and money for our coffers rather than what will make this nation healthy again. 

This election has proven that we may not always be smart as Americans but we are resilient and passionate in what we believe in. I always say that we need a game changer to step forward and right this ship we call home and currently that person is you the American voter. The only people who can take this country back is you. Get out there and make the United States great. God Bless and I approved this ad. 

Ps. Happy Tuesday peeps on this election day. Get out there and accomplish some change for all of us and remember…..This drink isn't going to refill itself. 

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