Friday, June 17, 2016

Say it with me Mr. President...Terrorism. See it's not that bad

Dear Mr. President, (An open letter to the POTUS) 

Barack, It’s been a while since we have talked but with your recent actions in light of the tragedy that struck Orlando, I felt it was warranted to share some sage advise with you. 

It has been almost a week since 49 innocent people lost there lives, yet you have failed numerous times when the media and a microphone has presented itself to address what and who is at fault for this heinous act which was….TERRORISM. 

In that time you have attacked the Republican candidate for your current position, the Constitution and members of the senate and congress while other world leaders have chosen to address the real problem….TERRORISM. 

One of those who spoke out was Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. He gave the type of speech you Barack, the President of the United States or the current presidential candidates should have given the people of this country. Not once did he shy away from what and who was responsible….Radical Islam and TERRORISM. He also had no issue in letting the world know the other horrible acts this group of people likes to perform on those who don't conform with the way they think. from beatings to hangings to death, no one is safe from there terror. Straight, gay, black, white, christian, jew, etc., if you are an infidel, you are a potential target. You can’t reason with someone who is willing to take there life and harm others. TERRORISM is that simple. 

With that said, I’m all for real change that will keep anything out of a TERRORISTS hands that can kill and maim the innocent. If you are on the TERRORIST watch list you shouldn't be able to fly, buy guns, knives, fertilizer or anything else that can cause harm to the citizens of this nation. You also should not be a 6 year old child who has just mastered the technique of staying between the lines when coloring and be on said list. I know the government has compiled this directory of potential threats to our country which handicaps it from the start, but your administration should have the competence to get it right for the safety of all of us.  

See Barack, this is not racial or religious profiling, it’s TERRORIST profiling and the current face of that is radical Islam. When that changes, we can focus on the next group that decides to bring harm to our way of life. 

You have been presented with many opportunities to look into that camera and voice the words that will unify this nation just as your predecessor did after 9/11. Yet each time you fail to say what we all as a country so desperately want you to say….TERRORISM. 

With each passing day you have been unsuccessful in identifying the single greatest threat to the United States of your presidency. As the leader of the free world you should be disappointed in yourself and your effort. There is still time for change, and if I can you can Barack, so say it with me…TERRORISM. TERRORISM. TERRORISM. You see how simple that is? Have a good weekend buddy…Mahalo. 


Marcus Monroe 

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this unusually cool morning in God’s County. Hoping y'all have a great weekend and remember…Writing “simply stunning” under a girls Instagram will get your foot in the door. The rest is up too you. 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The tragedy in Orlando: Political agenda vs. Leadership

Dear Orlando terrorist attack, 

The world is filled with evil. People who hate our way of life and the choices our freedom allows us to make. In the early morning hours of June 12th we as a country were reminded of this again. 50 people dead. Not by guns, bombs or knives but by terrorism. A hatred for the United States and those of us who call it home.

As details of this tragedy unfolded, people were quick to blame who or what they thought were responsible for the senseless deaths of so many. Our own president was guilty of this. 

Barack your primary goal as the Commander in Chief is to unify this nation and you have been unsuccessful at it with each act of terror on this country’s soil. The only way to solve a problem is to admit their first is one. This is where you have failed Mr. President. In your quest to not alienate a portion of a religion that chooses to preach hate and instead push your political ideologies, you have divided a nation once again.

Our enemy isn't the 2nd Amendment, one’s political beliefs or any of the numerous things that the media and our so called “leaders” like to blame when a tragedy like this takes place. It is terrorism. It has had many faces over the 240 years that we have called ourselves the United States and currently it is that of radical Islamic extremists. It’s that simple, and if you are offended by this you are part of the problem. 

Leader’s identify a problem and solve it. They make the tough decisions and most importantly put their country first over all else. Vladimir Putin and Fran├žois Hollande both exemplified this when there respective nation’s were hit by terror a year ago. Polar opposites on the political pendulum, but each having a love for ones country and the desire to defend it first and foremost. They identified and went after what and who was responsible for it….Radical Islamic extremists. No political correctness needed.  

This isn't a time too attack our Constitution or political beliefs, it’s a time to unite the nation. We must throw political rhetoric aside for love of the flag and country. Stand up against those who want to destroy us and remind them again that this is the United States and we coward to no one. We are men and women, black and white, straight and gay, conservative and liberal, christian and muslim and will fight all who stand against our lifestyle and the choices our freedom allows us. On all issues ,whether we agree upon them or not. We all are America. 

Evil and terrorism doesn't discriminate, it attacks all because of it’s hatred towards itself and others. When we find a President who can agree with this statement and act on it we will once again be able to call this country great…God bless Orlando. 

PS. Happy Flag Day peeps on this cool June morning in God’s Country. May the red, white and blue be flying wherever you call work and remember….Happiness is that intersection of what you like to do and what you're good at. Find it and you will never work again. 

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The 2016 CMA Music Awards: Nashville is at it again

Dear 2016 CMT Music Awards,
Hello peeps, it is that time of year again for yet another review of the state of country music in Nashville. With each critique of this subject, it seems like the genre that I like too refer to as “bubble gum country” continues to move closer and closer to pop music and further away from the twang and story telling that made country music great. Without further ado, please sit back and enjoy the 2016 CMT Music Awards:

1. Bon Jovi opens the show which isn't a bad thing even though this is a country awards show on thee country music station. Instead of a crowd pleaser like “Bad Medicine” he plays something off his new album. Horrible choice. It sounds like what you hear on a country radio station today. Wait..What?!…God damn you Keith Urban.
2. Next up Cheap Trick. If you haven't heard of them it’s because they are not country and haven't been relevant since the Carter Administration.
3. Unless “Achy Breaky Heart” is blaring from a speaker their is no need for Miley’s dad to be on stage.
4. Next act up Pitbull. I would like to say I am making this up peeps but you cannot blame Tito’s or Fireball for this one.
5. The skinny jean phenomenon has now been replaced by yoga pants as the male country artist’s go too when on stage.
6. Because of Carrie Underwood dressing like that, Chico is now suffering from a shortage of crackers and I am lacking floor space in my bedroom.
7. Luke Bryan takes the stage. Hold on, I need to go make another drink.
8. I love me some Lululemon’s, just not on a man in cowboy boots.
9. One hour into the show and the first cowboy hat appears. Thank you Chris Stapleton.
10. Florida Georgia Line decided that a man bun was missing from the country music starter kit. Always the innovators.
11. Singing about t-shirts now gets you a number one song. Somewhere George Strait is shaken his head.
12. Cam possesses one of the best voices in country music. Why ruin it by adding a less talented version of the Spice Girls to her performance. Wait…It’s Nashville.
13. Just saw a Wayfair commercial. If I’m buying home design stuff I am going to Just saying.
14. Has anyone ever seen the dude from Little Big Town, Sir Richard Branson and the guys from ABBA together? Ever?
15. I want to high five whoever gave Cole Swindell a black eye. 
16. Dierks, you can throw a skin tight leather shirt and a duet with a smurf at me and I will keep on loving you. You're that good.
17. The commercials are currently the highlight of this awards show.
18. It is a sad day when a pop artist gets more airtime than a tribute too a legend as great as Merle Haggard.
19. It’s only a matter of time before Carrie Underwood leaves her husband for me.
20. Denim on denim, Wranglers and cowboy boots. God Bless you Blake Shelton.
21. PS. Sorry Miranda loves me more than you.
22. The crowd is trying to sing along to the song “Elvira” by the Oak Ridge Boys, neither knowing the lyrics or that they are country music legends.
23. Add Maren Morris to the list of women who will make country music great again. She is that good.
24. Nashville needs to strap a cape on Chris Stapleton’s back and an “S” on his chest. He is currently single handily saving the last bastion of real country in your city.
25. Looks like I need too add sleeveless plaid button-up and an extra earring to my Jason Aldean halloween costume this year.
26. Would someone please give Tim McGraw a damn cupcake!!!!
27. Pharrell in an all camo ensemble is closing the show. People, you thought it would never happen in your lifetime but I am speechless…..
In a show that lasted just over 3 hours I witnessed two performances that would be considered country music by myself, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash and most of you reading this. Music is defined in genre’s for a reason. We like to listen too different melodies depending on our mood at that time, whether it be country, rap, pop, rock, classical, etc. By melding these together Nashville, you fail in what your audience really wants and that is sad because you have lost a generation of listeners. Thank God I have more vodka and Waylon playing on the radio….
PS. Happy Pre-Friday peeps from God’s Country. Raise a glass to the weekend and remember…Real women like flowers and chocolate but they LOVE vodka and tacos.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beware of the Bern

Dear Bernie Sanders, 

When the election season started and candidates began throwing their names in the hat to become the next President of the United States I warned friends that a little known senator from a place more famous for its syrup than its elected officials had an outstanding chance of not only securing his party’s nomination, but finding a place front and center at the next presidential inauguration.    

They laughed and scoffed at me stating that this crazy old man had no chance against the likes of Hillary, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Jeb Bush. All Washington heavyweights with deep pockets and the backing from each of their respective parties. Hell, they even said that the guy with the bad hair and a reality show stood a better chance (I’m glad they were right on this one). 

How could a 74 year old socialist secure enough votes to compete with the above mentioned candidates??? Who would cast enough ballots for him???…The answer is the largest generation of voters this country has seen since the so called “baby boomers” that’s who. They are a generation of entitlement and we as a country have only ourselves to blame. 

Their parents started them at a young age with this feeling of privilege. Discipline in homes was replaced by time-outs and other methods that were deemed more suitable than a spanking. Lessons learned in the realm of sports about the joys of winning and the agony of defeat were replaced by trophies for every participant, no matter what the scoreboard said. As they moved on too their teen and young adult years grades in school were eliminated, replaced by a note from the teacher or professor stating you did good, and even if you didn't you will get better. Are you starting to see a pattern here? With every passing year parents, teachers and the mentors of this generation failed at the opportunity to teach the lesson of self responsibility. We are now seeing the results of this play out everyday.  

Safe zones, free education, higher taxes on those who have been successful, government run health care, etc. the list goes on and on. All a direct effect of their upbringing. They don’t know how these luxuries will be payed for, they just know that no one has ever told them “NO” in their lifetime. Consequences for ones actions has been lost which is a big fail on our part as a country.  

There are outliers with this generation just like the ones that have come before it. They are the ones who were taught self responsibility and the value of hard work. That life is what you make of it, not what you are given. You know the ones I’m talking about….They are the ones who will make this country great. 

Here in California as you get off work and head to the voting booth to cast your ballot for the next president, shaking your head and still calling me crazy, remember there are 74.5 million others who may think a little differently. God bless and get out and vote…Merica. 

PS. Happy Tuesday on this election day in California. Every legal resident over the age of 18 should be walking around with that little sticker on stating “I voted” and if you don’t go do it and remember….Think in years. Work in months. Live in days. Mahalo. 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Harambe the gorilla: In my own words

Dear Harambe the gorilla controversy, 

Hello friends, my name is Harambe and I am a gorilla who for the last 17 years has called Cincinnati home (not my choice, I suggested California). Chances are if you are reading this I am dead. Until recent events most of you had no idea who I was or cared about the trials and tribulations of myself or others like me, which I was fine with. I enjoyed my days eating all the bananas and coconuts I could fit in my belly and people watching humans at the zoo. You are a very strange species by the way, I will never understand the skinny jeans thing or Bernie Sanders supporters. Life was good up until a few days ago when a child fell into my pen and everything changed. 

As my death plays out across the country and the number of gorilla behaviorists, parenting experts and zoo architects increases, I would like to tell my side of the story and give feedback on the tragic event that took place a few days ago. 

First a little bit about me. For those of you who don't know as a Silver Back Gorilla I am the leader my troop or group. It consists of 5 to 30 others, both male and female. My duties include deciding when and where we travel, what we eat along with where we sleep. The most important job I have is the protection of my group. I am very territorial and if you come at me it’s on. I don't care if you are a gorilla from another troop or a three year old baby falling from the sky. I worked hard to get where I am today and nothing will keep me from taking care of other members of my family. I was raised in captivity but that doesn't mean the instincts that were instilled in my DNA won’t prevent me from becoming aggressive when provoked. No amount of human training can counter this. I am a wild animal by nature, not a dog or cat that has been domesticated over the years. 

A lot of you are upset at the zoo and for using lethal force to rescue the baby. Trust me, no one is more upset than me….I’m dead!!! What if the zoo experts didn't shot me and I remembered that I was “King of the Jungle” and ripped the child’s limbs off? The public would have a completely different opinion on this subject wouldn’t they? I know that if the tables were turned and I had to protect one of my own from what I thought was a threat I wouldn't hesitate. My only suggestion to my former employer is that next time you guys might want to keep a very strong tranquilizer gun around. Then I would still be enjoying those bananas and you wouldn't be dealing with all this negative press. 

Lastly to the people who are sending death threats to the parents of this child please stop. As a parent to numerous other gorillas I know how hard it is to keep track of them 24/7. The minute you turn your back they are swinging from trees or finding their way into places they shouldn't be. No amount of parenting can prevent this. For the last 38 years Gorilla World has kept the general public from mingling with myself and others like me. Sometimes tragedies like this happen, it’s sad but this is life. 

Humans, I applaud you for your dedication when it comes to the protection of animals like myself over your own kind when something heartbreaking like this occurs, as impulsive as it is. Please though try and act like a civilized species before passing judgement. This is why you are at the top of the food chain. By the way, met Cecil the lion up here. Remember him….I didn't think so. 

PS. Happy hump day on this scorcher in God’s Country. Please stay cool and remember…If the owl outside your house keeps saying “Who???” your response should be “Mike Jones” every time. 

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