Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why liberals can't have nice things

Dear UC Berkeley terrorists,

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. It is a belief that this country was founded on. Many have died defending this nation against adversaries both foreign and domestic to ensure that this right will never be taken from us. Unfortunately, there is a new enemy that turned the birth place of free speech into a bastion of hate. It goes by the name “liberal extremist”.  The same people who preach acceptance and equality transformed the campus of UC Berkeley into a war zone due to the fact that they didn’t agree with someone’s opinion that was something other than their own…How very liberal of you.

What did you accomplish by destroying a city and preventing someone’s ability of free speech? The answer is you provoked a movement far stronger than your own. This same campaign is what put Trump in the White House and turned the table of both Congress and the Senate into the Republican’s favor.

You see, the American people were fed up with hope and change. They were looking for someone to lead this country based on his or her campaign promises, not just lip service. Love Trump or hate him, he is doing exactly what he said he would do, which is attempt to make America great again, career politicians please take note.

Donald Trump is not what is wrong with this country, fanatic liberals are. The generation of “everyone gets a trophy” is tearing apart the fabric of this great nation and the actions on the campus of UC Berkeley is an example of this. 8 years ago, I didn’t agree with Obama’s policies and direction he wanted to take this country when he was elected President. Chico didn’t burn down because of this. It’s amazing what the values of winning and losing will have on a person.

Since the President assumed office a few weeks ago, not a single right or freedom has been taken from an American citizen. We all still share the privilege to vote, pay taxes, love who you want and pray to whomever your God is. Contrary to what the media and these leftist zealots want you to believe the office of the presidency does not give the man currently in office the ability to do what he wants. Checks and balances were put into place 241 years ago, by people far greater than you and I to prevent this.

In a time when racial and gender equality should be something you read about in history books the left continues to divide this country. The lessons learned of failure and defeat has skipped an entire generation and the only one that suffers is us as a country.

Our individuality is what separates us from other nations. The freedoms that our afforded to us as citizens of the United States allow us to do things that others only dream of. Let us fight as a majority to protect these freedoms and not bow down to the oppression of the liberal few. God Bless the United States of America…

PS. Happy Pre-Friday peeps, being proud of your beliefs doesn’t make you a racist, it makes you an American and remember….If you have the courage and you have the heart, that hero just might be you. Thank you, Waylon Jennings.

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