Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Men, marriage and commitment. (You might want to grab a beer)

Dear commitment, 

Please refer to the following quote: 

“Men are so worried that marriage will leave them with “only one woman” for the rest of their lives. That’s simply not true. I fell in fell in love with a 19 year-old rock climber, married a 20 year-old animal lover, started a family with a 24 year-old mother, then built a farm with a 25 year-old homemake and today I’m married to a 27 year-old woman of wisdom. If your mind is healthy, you’ll never get tired of “one woman”. You will actually become overwhelmed with how many beautiful versions of her you get to marry over the years. Don’t say no to marriage, say yes and keep saying yes till the day you die.”  - Unknown

Now I asked you to read this in order to present you with this: 

There’s not a week that goes by that this conversation doesn't play out with an individual or a group of my friends that are either married or in a long term relationship. “Marc, you have the best life. You're single (when I am), live in a great town, can date who you want, do whatever you desire and don't have to answer to anyone, I wish I had your life!” (Why do they always forget the black dog?) 

“No you don’t” has always been reply. They look at me in astonishment and ask “why?” The answer is quite simple, and is most eloquently stated above. You have someone that you talk too everyday, a person to come home to after work, an individual to laugh, cry and share your fears and successes with. Most importantly you have a woman who loves you. That my friends is something that you can’t put a price on.  

The game can be fun for a while, but in the long run it’s exhausting. Dating, not having someone to talk too on a regular basis, cooking for one, the emptiness, traveling solo and constantly in search of that “plus one”  for weddings are just some fine examples of this. Really glamorous. That amazing wife isn't looking so bad right now is she??? 

 Nothing in life is more satisfying than a commitment to another individual, you hear me married friends! When you find this person you will know. It is the one that won’t “change” you as people like to say, but the soul that will help make you a better version of yourself each day. Now that is a beautiful thing. 

There will be ups and downs in every relationship. This is life, we are humans and as much as we like to think that we have our shit together, somedays we don’t. Always be open and work through your problems..together. Take her on dates, always communicate, hold her hand and never miss the opportunity to say I love you. Your relationship evolves each day, and with it comes something new, which only makes your bond stronger. Two people constantly improving, now who wouldn't want that for the rest of their lives? (Once again, do you hear me boys?) 

Although I believe the quote at the center of this conversation has less to do with marriage, but more about ones commitment to another individual and the excitement it brings each day, the guy nailed it either way. Thank you for sharing and God Bless. 

Ps. Happy hump day peeps on this scorcher in Northern California, stay hydrated whether is be water or an ice cold beer and remember….Following 12 fitness accounts after eating 7 tacos isn't exercise, but I will not question your effort. 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Comey hearing: The CMA of politics

Dear Comey Senate Hearing, 

Usually today I find myself writing a recap of the annual CMA Awards Show giving you my take on the state of country music in Nashville. Instead, due to the Senate hearing concerning former FBI Director James Comey I would like to present to you my take on the current situation in Washington D.C. It includes the same drama, just no bad country music! Please enjoy. 

  1. Show kicks off with Senator Warren blaming Russia for everything that is wrong in America except for Hillary, Obama and liberals. Same old Washington. 
  2. Fake news and witch hunts are mentioned for the first time. This is like the “Taylor Swift” sighting at a country music awards show. 
  3. Comey takes the stand. Someone get this guy a drink. 
  4. He starts to rattle off his accomplishments, the highlight being putting Martha Stewart behind bars. Could be the oldest known millennial. 
  5. 5 minutes into the show and Comey admits to the Donald not directly asking him to drop the Russian probe. We could stop the show right here and all the Senators could go back to work. Being this is Washington that would make too much sense.
  6. Can we all have a senate hearing when we fail at our job?
  7. Trump is currently sitting in the Oval Office and dropping a Mr. Burns from the Simpsons laugh every time Comey opens his mouth. 
  8. Does Comey give a written record of his conversations with the President to Putin because that’s the Donald’s boss? 
  9. In 3 years you have had exactly 3 conversations with your boss?! How do get this job?
  10. Senator Warren takes the stage again using big, technical words. Very white of him. 
  11. Comey claims the President needs to have his loyalty. No bandwagon fans in this administration. 
  12. Trump allegedly whispers in Comey’s ear. I would have definitely swiped left. Great guy, it’s just the hair. 
  13. Dinner next?! Isn't their a White House policy concerning dating in the workplace?
  14. I still don't know who this “Flynn” is. Sounds like the latest duo destroying Nashville country music. 
  15. With those writing skills, Comey may just get a guest appearance on this blog. 
  16. The left rolls out Diane Feinstein, reminiscent of Nashville parading out Reba. You can’t fool me Washington D.C., you still suck. 
  17. Alleged sex beads and oversized blue pinstriped suit jackets are the new Washington D.C. starter kit. 
  18. Comey just claimed to be weak. This is why you are not the Director of the FBI. 
  19. “This is a very good cloud. I will make a better cloud.” -Trump discussing Russia with Comey. 
  20. Comey tells the president he has been very loyal. He repeats “loyal” 3 times to sound more like his boss. Kiss ass. 
  21. “This should be the first scandal of my presidency!” -Little Marco Rubio. 
  22. Waiting for Trump to walk into the Senate chambers holding a sign of a wall with the words “you’re next” as Senator Rubio speaks. 
  23. Why is Senator Wyden mocking Elmer Fudd? 
  24. Russia played a role in my coffee getting cold this morning. 
  25. Diane Feinstein wins worst outfit in politics….Senator Collins: “Hold my beer.” 
  26. Comey states that Russia will be back. Arnold smiles as the royalties keep rolling in. 
  27. If this hearing was a drinking game I would have fell off my bar stool by now. 
  28. “I did not have sexual relations with Russia.” -Donald Trump 
  29. Kamala Harris is this hearings version of Florida/Georgia Line. 
  30. 3 hours later and President Trump still didn't ask Comey to drop the Russian investigation no matter how many old white men and women ask him. It is like George Strait winning an award at the end of the night, we all knew the answer from the very start. 
  31. Did I mention I hate Florida/Georgia Line??? 

If this hearing proved anything it was that we as a country have a long ways to go before we are great again. We are one nation, a single flag and endless possibilities. Hanrwork and determination make this possible and quit is not in an American’s vocabulary. God Bless. 

Ps. Happy Thursday peeps, I hope you enjoyed this and wishing y'all an amazing weekend and remember…..Do all the things that scare you, because they’re worth it. 

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Nashville never fails to take the country out of country

Dear ACM Awards, 

Welcome to the 6th or 7th annual installment of the ACM Awards review show. Every year Nashville continues to promote a music genera that they like to refer to as “country” but the rest of the world calls “crap”. As Chris LeDox and Waylon Jennings continue to roll in there respective graves please sit back and enjoy my commentary! 

  1. Show opens with a montage of Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Florida/Georgia Line. It is like a terrorist attack on real country music. 
  2. If Carrie Underwood tried to kill me with those legs I wouldn't be mad. 
  3. Keith Urban sounds much better doing Australian infomercials then he does attempting to sing American country music. 
  4. Luke Bryan is currently being chopped in half by a giant saw. A smile starts to appear on my face. Alas, it was only a joke. Please refrain from playing with my emotions like that. 
  5. Luke Bryan is still alive and now Sam Hunt is on stage. As I do every year, I must hit the menu button on my remote to make sure this is the country music awards show. 
  6. Dierks, you still get a mulligan for those pants but you are beginning to test my patience. 
  7. Women continue to lead the charge at saving country music in Nashville. I take my hat off to you Maren Morris. Keep up the good work. 
  8. How can Reno Rosser be on a stage in Las Vegas and be getting married in Catalina at the same time? 
  9. Miranda…That fringe and that dress, simply stunning. 
  10. I’m going to punch the next person who refers to me as “Rascal Flats”. 
  11. Tight pleather jackets purchased at the Baby Gap are the 2017 addition to the Nashville male country music star starter kit. 
  12. Keith, if you could drop a “good day” and a “mate” every once in a while I may forgive you for your music and wardrobe choice. 
  13. If they paraded Carrie Underwood out in that dress with every act I wouldn't be upset. 
  14. Why is the the stage currently covered in flowers and the lead singer for ABBA on it playing guitar? Anyways, he sure has aged well. 
  15. Lady Antebellum, just because Sturgill Simpson uses a brass band in his act doesn't mean you can also. You must have talent to pull it off. 
  16. 4 awards have been handed out thus far and not a single one went to a country artist. 
  17. Whoever dresses Kelsey Ballerini keep up the good work. 
  18. The only thing that could make Chris Stapleton better would be Carrie Underwood on stage in that dress. 
  19. Having the lights turned down on stage is the best way to watch Luke Bryan. Now if they could just unplug the mic. 
  20. Hootie is much better at giving out awards then he is at singing country music. 
  21. Miranda Lambert ran out of time before she could mention me in her speech. It’s ok babe, I know how you feel. 
  22. A little Faith is never a bad thing. 
  23. I feel like I should be donating a $1 per month to feed Tim McGraw rather then a baby in Africa. 
  24. Maren Morris has been added to the list of people who can eat crackers in my bed. Congrats. 
  25. The guy who just won male vocalist of the year is dressed like my barista this morning, except he was more talented. 
  26. I can’t decide if I hate Cole Swindell or his hat more. 
  27. Did you see Miranda wink as she looked into the camera? That’s our thing. 
  28. Looks like Kenny Rogers gave Brooks and Dunn his plastic surgeon’s number. 
  29. Reba’s still got it. 
  30. I was really hoping that John Pardi would thank Northern Comfort. Congrats buddy and keep up the good work. 
  31. Nashville country cannot get any worse…Florida/Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys…”hold my beer.”
  32. Jason Aldean wins entertainer of the year. Looks like those Ford commercials are finally paying off. 

I would like to say something clever in closing but for sake of time I believe the word “awful” works best. Every year I tell myself that Nashville can’t get any worse but yet they continue to prove me wrong. Congrats?????….

PS. Happy Monday peeps on the windy first Monday of April. I hope you make the most of it and remember….Never invite a vegan to a lawn party, you may end up with dirt before the days over. 

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Leadership defined in 500 words

Dear Donald Trump,

What defines a leader….

Leadership is having faith in this nation and the men and women who call it home. For too long we have been divided and those previously in power worked to drive that wedge deeper among we the people. We are one country, one flag and let us never forget that.  

Leadership is removing bureaucracy and red tape, thus allowing American companies to do business in the country they call home again. Like the food movement….Think local, buy local.

Leadership is investing in real education to supply the labor force for these businesses that want to call our nation home again. Consumers want to buy American, but they don’t want to purchase something of lesser quality just because it says “made in the USA” on it. More trade schools and graduates of these and less liberal arts majors will benefit us all.

Leadership is not defining someone by race, religion or lifestyle. It is seeing everything in red, white and blue. (This is trademarked, so don’t get any ideas.)

Leadership is having the ability to not letting the loud minority interfere with the agenda of the majority. Protesting is your right as a citizen. Destroying property that isn’t your own is not.

Leadership is honoring the men and woman who serve and protect this country. It’s standing up to recognize a fallen solider and his family no matter what your political ideologies might be.  

Leadership is admitting to yourself that we have fallen as a nation. Our infrastructure continues to crumble and past promises to put Americans too work to fix it have never materialized. Our roads and highway system is the lifeblood of commerce in this nation. Dams and other structures should be a priority, not an afterthought. We need to stop being the GoFundMe account for the rest of the world and once again think locally.

Leadership is saying the words “radical Islamic terrorist” and not worrying about offending someone. It is admitting that we have enemies and they will stop at nothing to harm us as individuals and as a nation. If you are offending by words, then you are part of the problem.

Leadership is not being afraid to do something unpopular and keeping the promises you have made to the people who put you in office. The days of campaign rhetoric are over. The ability to follow through is what this country needs.

Leadership is everything that was exhibited on stage last night in the President’s first address to Congress. We as a country have been starving to have someone in the oval office that puts the United States first on his or her agenda. Accountability along with honesty and integrity is something that has been lacking in Washington, D.C. for quite some time, so I’m asking you Mr. President to continue with this momentum that you exhibited last night and remember….Actions speak louder than words, and we the people will be watching. God Bless America.

Ps. Happy hump day peeps from the black dog and myself to you and remember….Sunshine is always a good idea.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why liberals can't have nice things

Dear UC Berkeley terrorists,

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. It is a belief that this country was founded on. Many have died defending this nation against adversaries both foreign and domestic to ensure that this right will never be taken from us. Unfortunately, there is a new enemy that turned the birth place of free speech into a bastion of hate. It goes by the name “liberal extremist”.  The same people who preach acceptance and equality transformed the campus of UC Berkeley into a war zone due to the fact that they didn’t agree with someone’s opinion that was something other than their own…How very liberal of you.

What did you accomplish by destroying a city and preventing someone’s ability of free speech? The answer is you provoked a movement far stronger than your own. This same campaign is what put Trump in the White House and turned the table of both Congress and the Senate into the Republican’s favor.

You see, the American people were fed up with hope and change. They were looking for someone to lead this country based on his or her campaign promises, not just lip service. Love Trump or hate him, he is doing exactly what he said he would do, which is attempt to make America great again, career politicians please take note.

Donald Trump is not what is wrong with this country, fanatic liberals are. The generation of “everyone gets a trophy” is tearing apart the fabric of this great nation and the actions on the campus of UC Berkeley is an example of this. 8 years ago, I didn’t agree with Obama’s policies and direction he wanted to take this country when he was elected President. Chico didn’t burn down because of this. It’s amazing what the values of winning and losing will have on a person.

Since the President assumed office a few weeks ago, not a single right or freedom has been taken from an American citizen. We all still share the privilege to vote, pay taxes, love who you want and pray to whomever your God is. Contrary to what the media and these leftist zealots want you to believe the office of the presidency does not give the man currently in office the ability to do what he wants. Checks and balances were put into place 241 years ago, by people far greater than you and I to prevent this.

In a time when racial and gender equality should be something you read about in history books the left continues to divide this country. The lessons learned of failure and defeat has skipped an entire generation and the only one that suffers is us as a country.

Our individuality is what separates us from other nations. The freedoms that our afforded to us as citizens of the United States allow us to do things that others only dream of. Let us fight as a majority to protect these freedoms and not bow down to the oppression of the liberal few. God Bless the United States of America…

PS. Happy Pre-Friday peeps, being proud of your beliefs doesn’t make you a racist, it makes you an American and remember….If you have the courage and you have the heart, that hero just might be you. Thank you, Waylon Jennings.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Resolutions that we can all get behind

Dear 2017, 

Resolutions are pledged by many of us as one year comes to a close and another opens with new possibilities. Things like go to the gym, eat better or drink less come to mind. Most have great intentions to stick with these plans from the start but always seem to fade into their old habits. Change is probably the toughest thing for a human to do. It’s scary, we get so use to our routines and forget that in order move forward in life we must constantly evolve. I’m guilty of it. This year though, I am going to share with you the changes that I will be implementing in my life and I will keep you updated on my progress….

1. Think before I speak: This has always been a struggle for me. Sometimes I say things that hurt people and not realize it till after the damage has been done. Masking it with sarcasm is an excuse I plan on no longer using. Along with getting professional help (yes, you heard that right peeps), I’m asking you guys to call me out if you see me doing it. We all get by with a little help from our friends. 

2. Say “I love you” more: To your significant other, friends or family that you love, this phrase never gets old. We tend to not use it enough and assume that the people we do love already know how you feel about them. Those 3 words can change someone’s day and put a smile on their face. Use them generously, the results will be tremendous. 

3. Listen: This skill is so powerful yet so hard to master as a male. I am a problem solver by nature but need to realize that sometimes I don't need to offer answers when the person you love has a problem or just wants to talk. Simply sitting there quiet and actively listening to what they have to say is the only thing they desire at that moment. Doing so will strengthen your relationship, thus brighten your future. 

4. Focus: On relationships, work, hobbies, etc. My ADD gets the better of me on occasions and I find myself not putting 100% to the task at hand sometimes, which I never want to do. Writing helps me with this so plan on more material in the coming year. 

5. Open up: As someone who has been on there own from a young age I sometimes have issues sharing things with those closest to me. When a problem arises, confide in that person you trust. Getting it out in the open can prevent small issues from becoming larger ones. The ability to communicate one on one with another person is a humans greatest asset and we don't use it enough. 

6. Be humble: I sometimes cross that line between confidence and cockiness. A man’s ego can get in the way both socially and professionally and the results are never good. If you see me doing this throat punch me. I’ll know that I deserved it. 

7. Happiness: I know this maybe cliche but stop and take a moment and appreciate the people, dogs and things you have in your life. God put them there for a reason, which is to make you smile so do so, because one day may be gone. 

8. Make America Great: I love this country, it’s flag, my guns and the people who defend it every day. We are all one and need to start acting that way. Until we accomplish this we are just another country. Let’s not let those great men who created this nation 240 years ago down. Merica. 

2016 the struggle was real for us all. Here’s to family, friends, loved ones and popping bottles as we open a new chapter. God Bless and I love you peeps! 

PS. I hope y'all have an amazing weekend, stay bundled it’s going to be a cold one and raise your glasses to what to com and remember…..This isn’t my first rodeo, says the person at there second. 

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Jerry Maguire moment...

Dear Self, 

(I’m going to go against my own rules of social media & discuss something personal with you.) 

My name is Marc Breckenridge and I have a problem. I have a penchant for driving away those who care the most about me. When things are good, I can find a way to destroy them and in the process, hurt deeply those who care about me the most. 

Why do I do this??? My answer to myself over the years is that it’s a self-protection method, it is my way of letting people close, but not close enough to eventually hurt me, when in reality I’m the one that is causing the suffering. I will say things to family, friends or a loved one and find myself questioning those words a moment later. They are not meant to be hurtful, but when I slowdown and analyze it, I realize that it is quite the opposite. Which is wrong to all parties involved. 

The real problem is a lot of times I don't realize that I'm doing it. In conversation or when I find myself joking around I use sarcasm as a defense mechanism that while I feel it may be playful and funny at times, it ends up hurting the other person. Sometimes in ways I may never know. 

Have you ever heard of the “quicksand” effect? You know what I’m talking about, when something you say hurts the other, they retaliate with words that they know will hurt you and this process repeats itself until both are mad and full of hate and anger towards the other…quicksand….The faster you try to get out, the deeper you find yourself. It is in this dark place that people who care about one another are not suppose to be. Add alcohol to this mix and the effect only greatly enhances itself. To best find your way out of this situation is just like rescuing yourself from real quicksand….Slow down. Think before you speak and most importantly know that you love and care about that other person so why on earth would you do or say anything to hurt them? It’s something we all learn as children but for some reason I and others sometimes forget about it as an adult.  

Here’s a personal example of what I’m talking about… I believe the words I used in a conversation with a loved one recently were, “Oh, I’m the failure?” In no way would I ever use this in a serious tone towards this person or to any other I care about. In my mind, it was meant to be sarcasm, but in reality it hurt the person I would never want to harm. Small words can have the most impact both positive and negative. Sometimes not saying a word at these moments is best, you may or may not know what this person is going through. 

As I continue to run off all the people who have genuinely loved me over my lifetime I sit here and ponder where I will be years from now. Will I be old, lonely and full of regret or do I fix this “fault” that I have carried with me my entire life? 

If you are a betting person, I would lay the mortgage on the latter. Constant self-improvement doesn't happen over night as much as we all would like it too. It takes hard work, and continuing to own up to your mistakes. Gains however small can be great, especially when the end result is a smile on the faces of the people you love and cherish the most. God Bless….

Ps. Thank you peeps for allowing me this forum to break away from the norm and discuss an issue like this. I know I’m not the only one out there and if this can help just one person then it is a win for everyone involved…Call it Christmas magic and remember….Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist…Believe that. 

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