Friday, August 2, 2013

Chico...Let's take back our party town

Dear City of Chico,

Many things can define the American dream. Some of the opportunities that this country affords an individual are the right to a free education, the ability to go to college, buying a home and to open your own business. Recently actions taking by the City of Chico and its police chief have made me question if I still live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. A proposal this week was presented to a subcommittee of the Chico City Council that greatly restricts a business owner be it a bar, restaurant or liquor store to operate let alone survive. Some of the proposed restrictions include prohibiting “happy hours”, banning alcohol advertisements from public view, no sales of alcohol in bottles or cans and no sales of booze and beer after 11pm. I know you are all reading this and saying to yourself; “All these years he’s been telling us he grows rice but after reading this, he has to be growing that hippie lettuce and sampling it himself.” No folks this still drug free future congressman cannot make this stuff up. Why is it that the people that we vote into power continue to fail us? Preventing businesses the opportunity to succeed is not the way towards economical growth for Chico. As you continue to blame drinking and the numerous establishments that serve alcohol the city continues to fall deeper into despair. The sidewalks are littered with homeless people that harass the patrons of downtown, people continue to be stabbed on a nightly basis and it is not safe to walk anywhere alone for fear of being mugged. The crime rate continues to increase in this town and I know it’s not from some drunk kid stumbling home after a Buck Night with a burrito in his hand and a hope that the girl he spent all that money on actually gave him her real phone number but yet the police and the city council keep piling the blame on alcohol. I have some ideas that will promote an actual solution to the so-called “problem” that drinking as become:
1st. Address the actual problem that this city has….illegal drugs. Drunks don’t   attack people and stab them, people hopped up on meth and other of Oroville’s finest elixirs do.
2nd. Leave established businesses alone and give new ones the opportunity to   thrive. Let the public decide if they can make it or fail.
3rd. Buck Nights and other drink specials that can be found in any city don’t kill people irresponsible people kill themselves. Take responsibility for yourself, it is something you should have been taught at an early age.
4th. Business leaders of this town need to take a stand against elected officials. This town gets its character from the people who call it home.
As someone who was one of the lucky ones who attended college here and had the opportunity to stay and call Chico home it is sad to see what makes this town special being taking away from us. I’m asking locals, students and alumni to show your support and show the city council, the police chief and President Zingg who runs this town….We the people. Go Wildcats!

PS. Happy Friday peeps and sorry for coming up short on hump day. Enjoy your weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and remember….Stop making stupid people famous. 

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