Friday, September 2, 2016

Forgetting the concept of a "TEAM"

Dear Colin Kaepernick, 

Sports matter. They are what is right in this country. On fields across the nation boys and girls of all ages participate in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. and learn values that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It is in the realm of organized sports that we learn what winning and losing is. Most importantly it teaches children at a young age the concept of a “TEAM”. You see, if you are on a team, their is no race, color, religion or politics. You are all brothers and sisters with one common goal in mind…Winning. No one is greater than the “TEAM” as a whole, no matter what their talent level is, because without their teammates they can achieve nothing. There’s no “black lives matter” or “white privilege”. Only do your job to the best of your ability and win or lose, know you left everything on the field in the name of “TEAM”. 

You see Colin, this is where you failed. I don't dislike you for not standing during the National Anthem and I don't despise you for your asinine comments concerning law enforcement in this country. I don't even resent you for being “oppressed” while making more in a year than most Americans will make in lifetime. It is your 1st Amendment right to say the things you've have said whether I or others like me like them or not. It’s what makes this country great, we are allowed to have an opinion on a given subject, and at the end of the day if we agree or not, we are all Americans and God Bless that. The reason I hate you is because you failed at the concept of “TEAM”. You put yourself and your opinion above everyone else on your “TEAM”. 

Instead of answering questions concerning how to improve your performance on the field and ways you think you can help your teammates this upcoming season, you have now put all the focus on you. A 2nd string quarterback that might not even make the “TEAM”. Why have you forgot what we all learned on the same fields growing up? 

If this subject was so dear to you and has shaped your life, where was this stance when you were actually relevant? You know when you were the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl caliber team and raking in the endorsement money. When you were strutting down red carpets in Hollywood and cashing checks. I’m guessing the money and fame were a better option than Malcolm X lids and Fidel Castro shirts. This would of been the time to best get your message across. People tend to pay more attention to leaders, not someone who maybe looking for a job at cutdown day. 

Instead of given a person who has failed at the “TEAM” concept so much run, I like to focus on the ones who haven't forgot what sports and “TEAM” is all about. Football made it possible for a young man named Travis Rudolph to change the life of a child with autism. He decided that the one kid eating alone needed company and sat down next to him. Their was no mention of a black man or a white juvenile only of a human being making another better. This is what “TEAM’ is all about, this is what makes sports great. 

If we all used the “TEAM” concept that we learned as youths this country would not have to be made great again, it still would be. Parents, get your kid off the numerous electrical devices that dominate their lives and get them outside, we need more Travis Rudolph’s in this world….GO TEAM! 

Ps. Happy Friday peeps on this start to Labor Day weekend. Get out there and enjoy that sun and remember If I have not texted you in a while, I probably haven't drunk. Be ready for a novel this weekend. 

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