Friday, January 24, 2014

Rain and are my Tito's and Kate Upton

Dear Rain and Snow,

Listen, I know we’ve had our problems in the past and I’m not always the best person to be around depending on the time of year. I know that I have yelled at you and been verbally abusive during the months of April and May in the spring and sometimes I was a little cold and grouchy during the month of October in the past but that’s just the farmer in me. I know you were finely fed up with my shenanigans when I woke up that morning in early November expecting to look outside the front door and see you come crawling back to me like you’ve done time and time again in the past but to my astonishment you weren’t there. Being a man of great pride I wasn’t going to call or try to contact you in any way because I knew you would be back like you always do. Maybe it would take a little longer this time but eventually it would be me and you together again happy and in bliss for a few months like it’s always been and as the days have stretched into weeks and now into months and still no word from you even after numerous calls, texts, emails, etc. I have started to come to the conclusion that we are really over this time. I turn on the TV and see that you continue to travel all over the country partaking in the good times of massive quantities of water and snow that were once just reserved for us. Like all good exes this has just made me sadder and yearns to want you back. When I cheated on you and left you for sun and warmth I thought her and I would be forever. She kept me occupied with growing rice, trips on the boat and numerous BBQ’s and beers with our friends. As the days grew shorter and she became distant with chilly mornings and the promise of a lack of waterfowl to cultivate it made me covet for you more. I am human and have made a lot of mistakes in my short time on this planet. I realize I have flaws and know when to admit to my mistakes. Well….I was wrong and yes I truly do miss you and want you back. I know actions speak louder than words so I want to prove to you that our relationship is forever. I’ve stopped washing my truck. My bathing suit hasn’t been seen in months. I continue to do my part of stimulating the economy at the local coffee shop with the consumption of all that is hot. I hope these are all indicators to you that I’ve changed for the good. My friends in the mountains, reservoirs, cities, farms and ranches across the state miss you also. They carry on about how you don’t understand how much someone is really missed until they are truly out of our lives. Please come back…You are my Tito’s on a Friday night, my Kate Upton, my 100 sack rice crop. The rain of dollar bills up in the club just isn’t filling the void anymore….

Love, Marcus Monroe XOXO

PS. Happy Friday peeps and the most precious thing to life is lacking in our state so pray to whoever you pray to and let’s hope they are listening and remember……If there is a cougar in the area it might not be a big wild cat.

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