Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guns don't kill innocent people, crazy people do

Dear Isla Vista victims,

With every tragic incident comes a rush for action without taking into consideration the consequences that they hold. The recent killings in the college community of Isla Vista near the quaint campus of UC Santa Barbara is no different. Hours after a deranged lunatic took the lives of 6 people Richard Martinez, the father of one of the victims was calling on whoever would listen that “guns” along with “gun-rights proponents” were to blame for this and politicians need to act now to end violence. Mr. Martinez, while the loss of your son along with the 5 other victims is sad and I may never understand the grief you or the others affected by this are going through, I do know that banning guns or enacting stricter regulations will not bring them back or stop these things from happening again. Your logic is wrong and is fueled by the post traumatic anger of the tragic situation that unfortunately altered not only your life, but many others. Your son isn’t dead because politicians failed. Your son is dead because a psychotic individual took his life along with five other people and he would have used any means necessary to accomplish his goal. Half the victims in this tragedy were killed with a knife in their own home. This poor excuse of a human broke out the Ginsu’s and carved up his roommates before carrying out the rest of his deranged plan. If anything needs to be more rigorously regulated its wealthy white people’s ability to have children. Every time there is a senseless tragedy that involves a gun it’s some kid who was given everything in life but enough hugs and ass whooping’s to teach him right from wrong. The real question that needs to be addressed is not of stricter gun laws but of the state of common sense in this country. Elliot Rodgers posted signs and precursors to his end game on numerous websites along with his very own YouTube page. His parents even alerted local law enforcement on different occasions that he may be orchestrating this well in advance. Upon visiting his apartment the sheriffs armed with the aforementioned information quizzed him for a few minutes and then went along their way. I’m not an expert nor do watch CSI on the reg but common sense tells me that these are all signs that this dude is off and needs to be taken into custody. Acting on this would have averted everything else that followed. The bottom line is people like this are evil and will use any means necessary to accomplish these heinous acts. There are crazy people out there and no amount of medication or therapy can help them. Let’s stop blaming guns, knives, rocks, hammers, pills, TV, video games, etc. and start blaming the real problem…. The individual who is responsible. There’s that word again, for some reason all arguments always start and end with personal responsibility. How novel….

PS. Happy hump day peeps on this windy day in God’s Country. I hope you are having a marvelous one and remember….Never take that 3rd strike looking.

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