Friday, February 22, 2013

Margarita please

Dear Margarita,
As I sat there this morning searching the headlines that would translate into a worthwhile topic for a Friday nothing seemed to jump out at me in my groggy state after a Thursday night experiment of weighing if the benefits of Fireball shots with chasers of Bud Light were a healthy alternative to the evening meal known as dinner.  With choices ranging from “Chupacabra running wild in Oklahoma” Which myself and a good friend discussed might be the latest in a long line of tricks that the Oklahoma Visitors Bureau is using to peak peoples interest in vacationing in a state where the only thing that out numbers coyotes, casinos and the unemployed are WalMart’s to “Blade Runner considered flight risk; granted bail in fatal shooting of girlfriend” which if he is such a flight risk why not take his prosthetic legs and put them on the top shelf of the cabinet just out of arms length? I know that you are all thinking that this is pretty shallow of me to hit the handicapped card but he did allegedly fire four rounds into the bathroom door at her in an attempt to become the OJ Simpson of our generation (I can see it now….”If the legs don’t fit you must acquit”). If Nelson Mandela had to rock a jail cell for 27 years I think this guy can be comfortable with 3 hot’s and a cot until all the details come out in this tragedy. But alas in the wake of blood sucking imported animals from Mexico to stories of South Africa not concerning Leo and blood diamonds there it was staring and shouting, “me me me!! Look here!”…….Today is National Margarita Day! Sombreros, the cocaine and marijuana  trade, nachos, Spring Break, Telemundo soap operas and the hit boy band Menudo are just some of the treasures that our friends south of the border have giving us. All these things would be wonderful by themselves but add the magic of tequila, some sugary liquids and ice to a salt rimmed glass and you have the refreshing summer concoction called the Margarita that makes all those things that much better. It is because of you Margarita and your magical powers that the Federale was able to afford for his unborn child to go to school with the payment he received from me for throwing lawn furniture off the 5th story of the hotel balcony onto the beach below while screaming “Chupacabra” at the top of my lungs on that ill fated Spring Break so long ago.  It would also not be possible without your tender touch that guacamole, a poncho, a body of water and a ghetto blaster (80’s reference for stereo to my younger readers) in March would qualify as a holiday for numerous college undergrads across the country.  So when 5 o’clock hits on this last Friday in February and we make our way down to our favorite watering hole instead of reaching for a beer or a vodka drink proudly ask the man or lovely lady on the other side of the bar for that drink that quinces your thirst whether it be blended or on the rocks and bask in the glory that is The Margarita.
PS. It’s Friday peeps so enjoy the weekend and the outdoors and try to put a smile on a strangers face you never know what it will lead to and a big Happy B-day to Casey Yost, the coolest friend anyone could have and remember……..If beef came from grocery stores there would always be a clean-up in the meat department.

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