Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The true meaning of the 2nd Amendment

Dear miss-informed gun control advocates,

For the past month you cannot turn on the TV, get on the Internet, open a paper or thumb through a magazine without coming across the issue of gun control. What I don’t understand is that the arguments for or against pertaining to this subject matter always revolves around hunting. In case you’ll are not the history nut that yours truly is the 2nd Amendment states: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” At no point in those words so eloquently written by our forefathers did it mention that the second most important act in the document that would define our country that it was dropped in there to let the future generations know it was ok to hunt squirrels, turkeys, deer, etc.  The taking of wild game in the 1700’s was not called hunting it was called survival! Ben Franklin never leaned over to Herbie Hancock (I’m hoping there are still Tommy Boy fans out there) and said; “Hey bro, this Bill of Rights deal and fighting the red coats is exhausting. Let’s roll to In and Out and grab a double double.”  The 2nd Amendment was written the way it was so that the people of this great nation could defend themselves from all threats be it a small country with bad dental care and consider stuffed intestines a delicacy to a corrupt government (Yes that is an oxymoron) on our own soil. They did not write the Constitution with the intention of it being tossed away like a syllabus in freshman English class but as a document that would be embraced and define who we are for generations to come. It befuddles me that the so-called leaders of our country are so uneducated on the subject. Maybe they should have opened those US History books in school and read them in between hits of the hippie lettuce instead of having them replaced by the likes of “Why Tommy has Two Dads”.  Let’s teach facts that have been around over 200 years to our students and let them know how the greatest nation in the world was formed and leave personal matters like that to who should have those conversations about them….Their families. So today as I go out and attempt to shot a goose or eight that I will bring home and enjoy with a nice bottle of wine knowing that because of some of the bravest and most intelligent men in the history of our great nation I’m not only able to enjoy the sport of survival but also can bask in the fact that I am safe from enemies both foreign and domestic that the 2nd Amendment grants me.

It’s hump day peeps so enjoy that crisp after rain day and remember….If the British were coming George Washington would have reached for the semi automatic over the muzzle loader….Freedom is a wonderful thing.

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