Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tell me again liberal why we need to be in Syria?

Dear Syria and the White House,

On the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and with the harvesters parked waiting on rice to mature I decided that it was time to once again help the current administration with their foreign policy issues. First a little background on myself for those of you who only know me as the guy who seems to always be checking into bars or constantly playing paparazzi to a dog who may be close to being as famous as his namesake. I’m a registered Republican in name, I am a capitalist, I like my guns and my booze and there is nothing I love more than Merica and the freedom that it offers. You see, these are all traits that liberals like to label as your classic “warmonger”  If this is true than why am I and others with similar beliefs against getting involved with Syria while liberals continue to saber rattle and press congress into participating in a conflict that has no benefit to the United State? Have we not learned our lessons with the response from “we the people” concerning the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that entering into another one is about as unfavorable as a rash on Kate Upton date night? There are no alternative motives such as WMD or oil (yes I said it) that would harm or benefit us being drawn into a conflict here and overtaxing our military and put are troops in harm’s way. Anti war protester and current President Obama along with other Bush haters such Hillary and Mr. Kerry continue to hold media blitzes telling us that the tactics the Syrian government is using against its own people are an atrocity and comparable to Nazi Germany.  Why is it that gassing Muslim rebels who are killing soldiers and then gutting them and eating their hearts and livers in the name of Allah who are trying to overthrow a government is a travesty and a crime on humanity but killing those same people with weapons from knives to guns to bombs considered kosher? If the killing of innocent men, women and children were the case for action in Syria than we would have to use that logic in most every region on this planet. It is called “war” for a reason and nothing can change that. The way I see it is you have two groups of people who hate each other for whatever reason but the one thing that they can agree upon besides that a girl covered in black bed sheets is attractive is there hatred for the United States. Here’s an idea, why don’t we save billions of dollars and sit back and watch Darwin work his magic. Not only will it rid the world of an increasing number of I quote “Muslim extremists” it will make the bear wrestling, vodka drinking leader of Russia a much happier camper and in this day and age of dirty bombs and jihad I’m thinking I am still going to pay just a little respect to the homeboy who can still wipe us off the planet with the touch of a button. Mr. President, I’m not looking for any monetary reward for once again helping you resolve another one of your messes but a call from that red phone with a thank you from time to time sure would be nice.

PS. Happy hump day peeps on this warm Wednesday in September and remember…..Let’s roll.

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