Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Did someone say football???

Dear NFL,

Do you see that?...The leaves turning color and beginning to fall from the trees. Can you feel that?...The heat of summer has started to turn to the chill of fall. Do you hear that?...The sound of harvesters firing up as rice season comes to a close. The greater question is what do all these things mean? If you are all saying to yourself; “Oh God, now he Fireball, Tito’s and whatever else he thinks will get along with the aforementioned combination will be spending a lot more time together thus making anyone in his contact list a target for late night chats consisting of gibberish and I love you’s” Yes folks I’m not saying that’s not going to happen but what this really means is that football season is back upon us! When the greatest sport in the world last left us that team from San Francisco was being reminded who actually had it better than them and the coach’s big brother was hoisting the Super Bowl trophy over his head thus giving himself bragging rights at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for years to come. Through an off season littered with arrests, domestic violence and an occasional murder pro football remains the most watched sport this side of that elementary school game where scoring happens less than in an Amish bedroom and the participants are rewarded at the end of 60 minutes with orange slices and Capri Suns that is currently popular in third world countries. With the new season upon us it brings hope for fans in cities across this country as each team starts with a clean slate and yes it’s hard to believe but even you Raider Fan are in first place notwithstanding if it’s for only a few short precious hours. As most of you know my loyalties lie with the only team that can claim God as a fan. Yes, I’m talking about the Dallas Cowboys, that same team that made sure there was a hole in the roof of the stadium so the “all mighty” can catch a game and mix in some holy water and can proudly state that they are “America’s Team”  has been a fixture in my life since I was little. From the 8 Super Bowl appearances and 5 championship rings to the current state of things that usually has me muttering numerous bad words followed by “Bitch Tits” and again followed by more bad words after another fine 4th quarter performance the thing that stays constant is that no matter win or lose they are still my team year end and year out. Most fans of the game share in this same sentiment at the start of each season no matter who your team is because at the end of it all only one can be crowned champion. It’s the joy and agony every weekend from September to February that makes the NFL so great.  As Kickoff to the 2013 season starts Wednesday and continues through Monday night please take the time to enjoy a game, some beer and some good food because like all good things it will be gone before we know it…..Now queue that National Anthem.

PS. Happy hump day peeps on this “all most start to harvest” Wednesday. Make It a good one and remember….”Hold my beer, I got this” will most likely be my last words. 

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