Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Politicians and budgets...A shutdown story

Dear government shutdown,

Since the “government shutdown” is the latest big thing to hit Washington and the politicians who call it home I have decide to chronicle how it’s affecting myself and my daily routine and the measures I've taking to cope with it. 

Day 1: Wake up between 5 and 5:30AM depending on how much I had to drink the night before (being that its harvest season the possibilities are high that I have a cocktail or six in me). Take warm shower and attend to other hygiene activities. Throw together some healthy eats for the lunch box.  Cook some paleo friendly breakfast. Make sure the celebrity living in the studio on the back patio is up and ready for another day of mud clod tasting, harvester rides and photo shoots that add to his ever growing ego. Head to nearest coffee shop (This is a Coffee Ranch plug). Drive to ranch and game plan with my employees the day’s tasks. Deal with the controlled chaos that I call rice harvest. Bring to your tables the best rice in the world. It’s dark now, go home to feed famous dog and myself and have cocktail or six before bed. Sleep.

Day 2: See above.

WHOA!!!... As you can see the crisis in Washington pitting overzealous and out of touch politicians versus each other in their latest attempt at destroying our great country has not influenced my daily life nor will it for the majority of people in the United States. The reason for this is that successful businesses across the country are successful for a reason….They spend less then what they take in! It is such a simple yet novel idea that allows businesses to thrive and yet the people we elect to office still do not understand this concept. While the rest of us sit back and watch as grown adults continue to act like school children who don’t get there way the people who suffer are the 800,000 workers that the government employs. They range from park rangers to janitors to FSA employees (No congressman, senators or the man in the oval office on this list) and will be out of work or furloughed until a budget is passed and yes I do feel bad for these employees that are currently out of work but you should have known going into the gig that you would be working for an employer who is currently $17 trillion dollars in debt so job stability must not have crossed your mind when accepting the position. The actions of Congress, the Senate and the current administration have even Miley Cyrus wondering what she needs to do to one up you guys. Thomas Jefferson once said “That the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time” and I think that the current state of affairs with our government on both sides of the aisle reinforces this ideology more than ever. Let’s get back to the basics on how a country should be run and only then can our great nation prosper….I’m Marcus Monroe and I approve this message.

PS. Happy hump day peeps on this sunny in October. Harvest is moving along and will be over soon. I hope you've enjoyed the daily pics of rice and the famous black dog and remember……The sun gives you the “D” whether you want it or not. 

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