Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hey! Did you know California is in a Drought???

Dear drought and lawmakers,

Quick fun fact to start off the day…We are in a drought. I don’t need to be reminded of this every time I turn on the TV, open the daily fish wrap or find myself browsing online for something other than a mail order bride. All I need to figure out the dire predicament that we Californian’s find ourselves in is the senses that God blessed me with and simple math most of us picked up courtesy of the California Public School System. It’s pretty self-explanatory, when you use more water than what you have or what is replenished than you will suffer from what is a drought. See, I told you it was simple! California is home to one of the most plentiful supplies of clean water in the world. Our river systems, storage and snow pack has continued to bring the most precious of commodities to farmers, ranchers and cities for over 100 years. A lot of people out there say the problem is Southern California alone and there pools and pristinely green lawns (cough, cough...Ag community). Those of you that do sound ignorant and uneducated. If anything, the people to the south should be used as a model for communities throughout the state on conservation at an urban level. The real problem is that our state has grown in both human and livestock population and permanent crop acreage while the system that feeds its thirst has stayed at levels that were barely sustainable 40 years ago. Like anything that will generate campaign dollars and votes lawmakers from Sacramento to Washington DC are scrambling to come up with answers and solutions to a problem that shouldn’t exist in a state that is the 12th largest economy in the world along with keeping it fed on a year round basis. Why is it that you only act in haste and without logic under dire circumstances? A kid shoots a classmate so you rush to ban all guns. An investor bilks millions of dollars from his clients so you put a stop to capitalism and now the latest bad solutions to our water issues. I have a better idea for the ones that call themselves Assemblyman and woman, members of Congress and Senators….Be proactive. Invoke change. To put it more eloquently do the job that you were voted into office to do. Make better use of the water that we have and implement new storage facilities to save in the years when God cries less. Make better use of the Sacramento River instead of allowing millions of gallons of fresh water to run out into the Pacific Ocean. Environmentalists will eventually realize that we will be the endangered species if we lack reliable water sources in the future. This logic applies not only to lawmakers but to the general population as well as farmers and ranchers. People, don’t water your lawn every day. Farmers don’t plant high water use crops in areas that historically has been a desert. So easy, straightforward and logical. By implementing real change to the system we can fix a long standing problem that California has faced. If all else fails let’s just blame Obama……

PS. Happy hump day peeps on this beautiful rain soaked day and remember….There are only 3 ways to motivate people: money, fear and hunger.

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