Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Freedom: The big picture version

Dear Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release,

What is one man worth?
What if he is an American solider?
What if our country vowed to never leave a man behind in combat?......

Posing these questions to myself and the majority of the general public who call the United States home the answer is simple. Bring our boy home! Wait a second, you mean there’s more to the “feel good” story that is being played out by the Obama Administration?

What if he was a presumed deserter?
What if it came as a detriment to the safety of our country?
What if The United States has had a long standing order that we “do not” negotiate with terrorists?.....

From the Administration that brought you the promise of a pullout of troops in Afghanistan in consecutive elections and most recently the VA scandal that has effected veteran’s from coast to coast comes the latest debacle concerning the military and the proud men and women who serve our country.   While we don’t know all the facts regarding Sgt. Bergdahl and what really happened to him 5 years ago the picture that is becoming more in focus is that of a deserter who cost the lives of 6 soldiers that went looking for him in the days following his disappearance. As more of this story unfolds on who Sgt. Bergdahl really is, why did the brain trust within the Obama Administration feel that his return was worth that of top Taliban officials? We just handed over the starting five back to the bad guys for a journeyman with questionable ethics according to his peers. To make my point clearer, this trade is comparable to giving up George Washington, Abe Lincoln, JFK and Ronald Reagan for Jimmy Carter, beer money and Barack Obama himself. When current members of Congress and Senate from both sides of the isle along with members of the military and veteran’s agree on something, red flags should be raised. The poster child for POWs Sen. John McCain who spent 5 ½ years in some of the worse conditions known to man and was tortured without consequence by North Vietnam definitely said he would not have gave up what the United States did for Sgt. Bergdahl’s return due to the fact that it would put the lives of American serviceman at risk in the future. Once again I’m going to go against my better judgment and help you out of another mess you have created Barry with a situation that should have you receiving accolades as opposed to grief.

As mentioned previously, the United States has two standing rules when it comes to war:
 1. No man or women gets left behind.
 2. We do not negotiate with terrorists.

When these statutes collide is when conflict is created. Instead of consulting Jane Fonda you should have took the time to speak with members of the military and the people that served alongside him along with looking at the facts relevant to the mission. Sometimes as much as something feels so right you need to take the time and look at the big picture.…..

Ps. Happy Hump day peeps on this scorching June afternoon. I’m hoping it’s a good one and remember…..If someone offers you a drink your only answer should be thank you.

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