Friday, June 6, 2014

Normandy...When hell and heroes occupied the same beaches

Dear D-Day,

Here is something to ponder next time you think you’re having a bad day… On June 6th, 1944 in the midst of World War II, 160,000 allied troops many of them Americans, landed on the beaches of Normandy, France with one goal in mind, to defeat Nazi Germany and rid the world of Adolf Hitler. With names such as Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword that stretched over 50 miles of heavily fortified coastline, 4,000 boats descended upon what could only be described as Hell. As the doors opened on these boats, the brave men that would define a generation were witness to barb wire, wooden stakes, metal obstacles and land mines along with a constant onslaught of artillery fire as they stormed the beaches towards the enemy in an effort to take back France and the rest of Europe from the oppression it was under. 4,413 Allied troops died on the day of the invasion along with over 5,000 plus who were wounded. The sacrifice made by these hero’s allowed for another 100,000 soldiers to begin the march across Europe to Berlin and end the reign of the Nazis. There is nothing that myself or most of us have seen or experienced in our lifetime that will ever equal to what these men who participated in this mission witnessed and were a part of. The word “hero” gets tossed around a lot in our everyday vocabulary. From sports figures to numerous other professions we bestow this term to easily these days. The brave men who participated in this mission and fought in the greatest war of our time are what I call heroes. It is because of them that we are the country and world we are today. On this 70th anniversary of D-Day I would like say “thank you” to all who fought and remember the ones who suffered the greatest sacrifice for the good of all of mankind. You are true heroes. God Bless. So you still think you’re having a bad day?????......

PS. Happy Friday peeps. It’s going to be a hot one so stay hydrated and find some water this weekend and remember…….The strongest words you can say to a veteran are thank you.

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