Monday, January 12, 2015

My life according to me

Dear Birthday,
A chronological look back on my so called life to date…..
1st to 3rd: My first few years were filled with many challenges. Diapers were something that I was not familiar with. They seemed like a good idea at the time until I had to go to the bathroom. My mother and father I believed weren’t educated or failed to decipher my grunts and screams when it came time for me to go. I would attempt to hold it in but a diet of Gerber carrots and the green stuff would always get the better of me. I feel though that this in a way prepared me for late night trips to Tacos De later in college.
4th to 7th: With my early years behind me and having mastered the game changing art of potty training which opened life up to many new adventures. Being raised in the country I was free to roam with the dogs and other animals at the ranch. I was still trying to master this language my parent’s spoke which was referred to as “English” but at the same time I was still speaking “baby gibberish” and picking up “dog”. As I ran around the yard with the dogs I noticed that when they had to pee, they would find a tree or bush and go. I said to myself, “hey! What a great idea!” I still emulate this lesson to this day.
8th to 12th: As I moved into adolescence new things became front and center in my life. Up until this point my life revolved around 3 things: my roommates who I referred to as “mom and dad” (very traditional), my love of the outdoors and of course farming. It was around this era that sports were introduced to me. Baseball, football and the Cowboys became my passion. It was at this time that I learned what disappointment was.
13th to 18th: The one main rule in my father’s household was that if you weren’t playing sports you were working. Because of this my teen years were filled with many hours on the athletic field. The NFL needed a 5’9” white free safety with subpar speed, they just didn’t know it yet. The last few years of this time frame was also the time I experienced what living alone was like. You see, I was Dylan McKay before there was a 90210. Coming home to random friends at your house and waking up to people asleep on your couches prepared me for life in the AGR house later on.
19th to 25th: These were my college years spent first at Cuesta College in SLO and then on to Chico State which is more commonly known as “The Harvard of the West”. This was a very hazy time in my life. I do know at some point I joined a fraternity, played rugby, had the first black dog come into my life and graduated with a degree in Ag. Business.
26th to late 20’s: Work became the dominate force in my life. I still waited by the phone though everyday eagerly awaiting that call from the NFL. I purchased my first home along with my second later on. I also got engaged at this time. Yes peeps, I was almost transformed to a life of children, minivans and golf at an early age. Luckily I escaped that trap unscathed and have become what people like to refer to as a “unicorn” today.
30’s to 40’s: At this time I made my return to the mecca that is Chico. Bars rejoiced and my liver quivered at the thought of re-releasing me back into the wild that is Chico’s Downtown armed with a much higher income level then I possessed in college. No more White Wolf or Canadian Mist for this guy!
Late 40’s to present: Life is good. Rice, hunting, travel, great friends, fun and Tres Hombres dictate my life. The black dog with a love of pudding pops and ugly sweaters first came into my world along with the paparazzi that has accompanied his rise to fame. I discovered that I could write again and that I’m good at it in a confident not cocky way. I became a home owner again, and the color of the trim is amazing. The people in my life make me smile constantly. I’m am still that unicorn.
It has been an amazing run thus far, and throughout this journey I have learned to be positive towards it all. I’m a big believer in “everything happens for a reason”, God made it that way so life wouldn’t be boring and predictable. Remember to keep the good ones in it that you come across (you will know who they are), don’t overthink things and continue to take breaths away. Thank you all for being a part of this and can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes me! Cheers! I am still a unicorn….
PS. Happy start of the work week peeps, hope the weekend was amazing and remember…..Dinner is best served in a glass, with ice, some vodka and a slice of lemon.

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