Thursday, January 8, 2015

Islam vs. All of us

Dear Charlie Hebdo Newspaper killers, “extremists” and Islam,
Islam is a religion of hate…..There, I said it. Call me a racist, bigot, redneck, white trash, etc. Every time an act of terror occurs involving followers of the Islamic religion we are quick to label them as “extremists” and that the actions of a few are not the opinion or views of the religion as a whole. The media parades out numerous “leaders” of the Islam faith who preach that it is a religion of love and understanding, not of hate and violence. Let’s go to the scoreboard concerning this…..The current example of Islam not being a hateful religion involves the senseless murders of 12 people at a French newspaper because they had the audacity to print a series of satirical cartoons depicting Muhammad and Islam. As this slaughter of innocent lives took place the shouts of “Allah Akbar!” and “We avenged the prophet Muhammad!” can be heard in surveillance videos and confirmed by witness to this act of terror. This along with the beheading of kidnapped westerners, suicide bombings, killing of innocent people, deplorable treatment of women and its overall demeanor when it comes to the rest of the world all screams to me a religion not based on hate and violence. Continuing to refer to this as acts of “extremists” has worn thin with the majority of our planet. Now I’m not a scholar when it comes to religion but I’ve never heard anyone utter the term “extreme Catholic” or “extreme Sikh” or “extreme Mormon” at any point in my life. You know why? Because these examples of organized religion and others like them do not consider a bombed strapped your body as proper casual Friday attire or that it’s appropriate to turn journalists into human pez dispensers because they have a belief other than your own. The world is tired of excuses that are made by yourself and the media. If you aren’t a religion based on hate then your leaders need to step up and denounce these heinous crimes against innocent people and seek out and make an example of the quote “extremists”. Continuing to do nothing only reaffirms the growing opinion and thoughts that the general public has towards Islam. When an event happens once it can be chalked up as a “random act”. When this same event occurs numerous times it becomes a pattern. Muslims, the ball is in your court once again. With each passing moment you lose the rest of us in your attempt save face over each act of terror and hate you bring against people with beliefs other than your own. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the 5.4 billion of us on the planet start thinking like the few. The clock is ticking…..
PS. Happy Thursday peeps on this gorgeous Thursday in January. Please forgive me for my absence, but the holidays, my recent move and a case of writer’s block have kept me from keeping you entertained and thinking. Big things ahead and promise to step up my game and remember….Brunch without booze is just a sad late breakfast.
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