Friday, June 5, 2015

My response to my detractors: A Bruce Jenner story

Dear tolerance according to the left,

One of the enjoyments that I get when I write is the responses received from the given subject covered. Recently, I broached the topic of Bruce Jenner and his decision to undergo the necessary hormone treatment and surgeries needed to become a woman. The comments started immediately concerning this media driven subject matter from people on both the right and left of the political paradigm. Now I usually don’t chose to participate, but rather let the audience dictate how the discussion goes. I jump in from time to time and remove comments and pictures that I deem offensive to friends and followers of my posts. If you can’t keep your thoughts clean, and eloquently state your words than you should step away from the computer and grab a crayon and scribble out those thoughts on that brown stationary with the big spacing that we all learned cursive on in grade school. As things started to unfold concerning the post on Wednesday, I felt that I had to reply to some of the hate that was being generated by a particular portion of the audience. Yes, I know you are all thinking that the “redneck, small town, Republican beer drinkers” who follow me were the culprits. While some that can be pigeon holed into that description posted a few pics that I removed from the piece the main offender was that of the liberal left. You know the ones I’m talking about, they stand up on their soapbox and talk down to all who don’t fall in line with their beliefs. They are imperialistic in nature and attack all who dare have another opinion on a given subject that doesn’t align with their own. For example, in a 365 word response to the Bruce Jenner piece, I and others were chastised for our political beliefs, where we get our news, locations in which we live and most importantly having an opinion on a subject. To up the hatred of elitism demonstrated by a good majority of Obama voters I was even attacked on my writing and overall literacy skills. Now I won’t drop names of the offenders because that makes myself and others with similar beliefs just like them, plus in a cowardly act, they chose to “un-friend” me once making these vague and hateful statements towards myself and some of the audience, a real courageous thing to do. Before I give this post and my rebuttal to the above mentioned response any more time, let me first start by saying that nowhere in my piece concerning the man formally known as Bruce Jenner did I say I was against or for what has done to his body or continues to do. With that out of the way I would like to address some to the “horrible” accusations hurled at me and others one at a time. (*Note: I have taking sentences out of these statements due to their length, but have not changed them in any other way.)

1.       “We all sound like conservative assholes in this thread.” Very thought provoking and mature with this opening statement, especially the use of an expletive so quickly in your response. Speaking only for myself, I do have conservative values when it comes to small government, the Constitution and fiscal policies. I am also for a woman and man’s right to choose, helping people who need help and not a handout and giving everyone the opportunity to make something of themselves. What I am trying to say is I am pro-America and don’t follow any established political path that is established because both systems and their thoughts are broken. This is why the United States is in the mess it is in. (Vote for Marcus Monroe!)
2.       “By providing facts, do you mean Fox and CNN which presumably are your viable source of news” First off as a card toting member of the liberal movement you should know that CNN is an extremely left leaning news source. Being that you don’t I’m going to assume your information on local and world affairs comes out of the pages of People, US Weekly and whatever else you scan while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. Being informed means not only following news source that lean in your political favor but watching, reading, etc. ones that don’t. Every source will put their version of a “spin” on a story and it takes the intellect of the individual following along to pull out the true facts and meaning of the account.
3.       “Maybe it’s because you all live in Chico and other farm towns where individuals just like yourself don’t get to see the effect that it has. (Referring to Jenner and the transsexual community. It is also stated that she “sees” this first hand living in San Francisco.) Ok, let me get this straight, because some of us live in small towns, we don’t see what others do who choose major cities as their home? The bigotry in this statement is outstanding and is a slap in the face to trans-genders and others who call rural America home. You also stated that you HAVE seen first-hand the impact that Bruce Jenner’s decision has had on the “trans community” of San Francisco. Being that when I wrote the piece that Bruce’s cover shot was less than 24 hours old I find it hard to believe that you were out on the streets in the Loin taking a straw poll on the subject. Good effort with the caps though, great way to get a point across.
4.       “Obviously you care enough to make a whole post about it that only God knows how long it took you to write.” If I were to write what you wrote verbatim, I would be pulling out the aforementioned crayons to do your piece justice. To tell you the truth it took me a little over 2 hours and a half of bottle of good red for the post. You see the thing about good journalism is that it doesn’t matter the amount of time you put into writing it. It’s the effort and quality of your work and how it stimulates conversation amongst an audience that makes it great.

We live in a country that gives us the opportunity to be who we are and say what we want whether your straight, gay, bi, tranny, white, black, brown, purple, male, female, etc. Liberals, your way of thinking and your treatment of others is old and tired. Championing your cause of elitism and trying to silence others isn’t democracy, it’s a dictatorship. Ask North Korea and Cuba how that is going for them. Liberals, I’ll leave some paper and Crayola’s for your response to that, thank you for your time and by the way did I mention my piece wasn’t against Bruce’s sex change….Merica.

PS. Happy Friday peeps, have an amazing weekend and remember….Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages.

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