Friday, December 4, 2015

Guns...Taking the blame for responsibility and leadership in America

Dear President Obama, gun control advocates, “Radical” Muslims, ISIS and anyone who hates America,

For the last five days a gun has been by my side in my truck. It has traveled with me from my home to my place of work. It rode shotgun (literally) as I made my way to the grocery store and running other errands throughout town. It was there next to me as I took in a movie the other night and was in the same place when I went downtown and grabbed a drink. It has been to numerous locations that are bustling with people during this holiday season and you know what???........It NEVER killed anyone. I know that the media and you Barry might find this astonishing but guns are not the problem no matter how many senseless acts of violence and now terrorism that you try to pin on them to further your own agenda. It took the president of our great country less than an hour after the tragedy unfolded in San Bernardino, CA that took 14 innocent lives to pin the blame on guns. No condolences to those who were murdered, their families or a call to wait for all the facts to come across his desk in the oval office to address the situation before passing judgement. The minute he heard the words “guns” he followed it with “control”… How very Obama of you. Enough about Barry, I have already given him too much airtime as it is. What happened to the United States? We are failing as a country because we have raised a generation of youth that are afraid to address the daunting issues we face because they are scared of the repercussions for not coming off “politically correct”. I on the other hand do not have this problem and am going to do my civic duty for my country to explain the latest tragedies that “guns” have caused in the United States.

1.       In Colorado, a gun did not go into a Planned Parenthood clinic and kill 2 civilians and 1 police officer. A mentally deranged white Christian male who did not like the option of a woman’s right to choose did. What the media failed to let the American public know till long after this was front page news was that this harbinger of hate had numerous propane bottles in his truck that he intended to use to blow up the clinic. The same ones that you and I can pick up at our local Home Depot…No permit or background check required.
2.       In San Bernardino, California a domestic dispute between coworkers didn’t spark a shooting rampage that killed the previously mentioned victims at a Christmas party, an act of terrorism by two Muslims who pledged allegiance to ISIS did. People don’t “randomly” have tactical clothes, AK-47’s and numerous pipe bombs and IED’s just laying around there living room. Terrorists do. Foreign and domestic.

You see what I did their???....Clean, simple, honest and straight to the point. If you are a white Christian male or a Muslim and have a problem with this, then you too are also what is wrong with this country. Taking responsibility for ones actions is what we should have all been taught in our adolescence. Passing this lesson along to the future of this country is the responsibility of parents, teachers, peers, mentors, etc. This nation cannot prosper again until we stop placing blame on an object and symbol of freedom in this country and the Amendment that protects it and start holding individuals and people responsible. In breaking news, in the time it took me to write this blog my gun still has yet to kill someone. Merica….

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this cool December morning in God’s Country. Have an amazing weekend and remember…..Having sex with an ex on a Thursday isn’t cheating, it’s a throwback.

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