Friday, July 8, 2016

Help Wanted: Leadership in a time of need

Dear people who call the United States home, 

240 years ago a group of remarkable men came together and formed the greatest country this world has ever seen and we been unsuccessful in every sense of the word to carry on that legacy. 

What happened to the United States? How have we failed our forefathers as a nation? These questions need to be answered now and addressed more than at any point and time in our history. 

Everyday the moral fabric of our society continues to erode. The divide that has been driven between all of us widens. Who is at fault for this?…WE ARE. 

Politicians we vote into office lack the leadership that this nation needs. With each passing election cycle, the choices we make weaken this country. Instead of bringing us together when tragedy happens, they use their personal rhetoric and political agenda to drive us apart. 

Their decisions have made us choose sides based on things such as the color of our skin or the person we pray too when the only side we should be on is that of the United States of America. It’s that simple. The lack of leadership has led us to become a country of hate towards one another. 

Where have the great ones gone? Names like Lincoln, Kennedy, King and Reagan were game changers for this country in times of need. They knew what to say, and the response needed in order to guide us through each crisis that presented itself. They laid blame on those responsible, not on an agenda. Traits lacking in our current president and each of his future successors. 

Not everyone in this world is good. Focusing on ridding it of these people is what we should do as a civilized society. Killing innocent men, women and children of all walks of life for your own personal agenda is not what I am talking about. This makes you part of the problem and thus you should be handled accordingly. 

The actions of one does not dictate a whole. Hate will never be defined by gender, color or religion. It is defined by and individual or group that wants to cause harm to its fellow men and women. How we react to their actions characterizes us all. Until we accept that we are doomed to fail as a country. 

Hate killed 49 innocent people in Orlando. Hate killed 5 police officers in Dallas. Hate will kill this country is we let it. I challenge you today to reach out to someone you wouldn't normally acknowledge. Say hi, ask how their day is going, buy them a drink or simply lend a smile. It is amazing how random acts of kindness that seem so small can have such a profound impact on an individual and their perception of you. God bless peeps and pray for the United States. 

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this short work week. Give someone a hug today, farmer or not and keep Dallas in your thoughts and remember….Two bears can’t live in one cave. What bear are you? 

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