Friday, June 17, 2016

Say it with me Mr. President...Terrorism. See it's not that bad

Dear Mr. President, (An open letter to the POTUS) 

Barack, It’s been a while since we have talked but with your recent actions in light of the tragedy that struck Orlando, I felt it was warranted to share some sage advise with you. 

It has been almost a week since 49 innocent people lost there lives, yet you have failed numerous times when the media and a microphone has presented itself to address what and who is at fault for this heinous act which was….TERRORISM. 

In that time you have attacked the Republican candidate for your current position, the Constitution and members of the senate and congress while other world leaders have chosen to address the real problem….TERRORISM. 

One of those who spoke out was Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. He gave the type of speech you Barack, the President of the United States or the current presidential candidates should have given the people of this country. Not once did he shy away from what and who was responsible….Radical Islam and TERRORISM. He also had no issue in letting the world know the other horrible acts this group of people likes to perform on those who don't conform with the way they think. from beatings to hangings to death, no one is safe from there terror. Straight, gay, black, white, christian, jew, etc., if you are an infidel, you are a potential target. You can’t reason with someone who is willing to take there life and harm others. TERRORISM is that simple. 

With that said, I’m all for real change that will keep anything out of a TERRORISTS hands that can kill and maim the innocent. If you are on the TERRORIST watch list you shouldn't be able to fly, buy guns, knives, fertilizer or anything else that can cause harm to the citizens of this nation. You also should not be a 6 year old child who has just mastered the technique of staying between the lines when coloring and be on said list. I know the government has compiled this directory of potential threats to our country which handicaps it from the start, but your administration should have the competence to get it right for the safety of all of us.  

See Barack, this is not racial or religious profiling, it’s TERRORIST profiling and the current face of that is radical Islam. When that changes, we can focus on the next group that decides to bring harm to our way of life. 

You have been presented with many opportunities to look into that camera and voice the words that will unify this nation just as your predecessor did after 9/11. Yet each time you fail to say what we all as a country so desperately want you to say….TERRORISM. 

With each passing day you have been unsuccessful in identifying the single greatest threat to the United States of your presidency. As the leader of the free world you should be disappointed in yourself and your effort. There is still time for change, and if I can you can Barack, so say it with me…TERRORISM. TERRORISM. TERRORISM. You see how simple that is? Have a good weekend buddy…Mahalo. 


Marcus Monroe 

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this unusually cool morning in God’s County. Hoping y'all have a great weekend and remember…Writing “simply stunning” under a girls Instagram will get your foot in the door. The rest is up too you. 

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