Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Leadership defined in 500 words

Dear Donald Trump,

What defines a leader….

Leadership is having faith in this nation and the men and women who call it home. For too long we have been divided and those previously in power worked to drive that wedge deeper among we the people. We are one country, one flag and let us never forget that.  

Leadership is removing bureaucracy and red tape, thus allowing American companies to do business in the country they call home again. Like the food movement….Think local, buy local.

Leadership is investing in real education to supply the labor force for these businesses that want to call our nation home again. Consumers want to buy American, but they don’t want to purchase something of lesser quality just because it says “made in the USA” on it. More trade schools and graduates of these and less liberal arts majors will benefit us all.

Leadership is not defining someone by race, religion or lifestyle. It is seeing everything in red, white and blue. (This is trademarked, so don’t get any ideas.)

Leadership is having the ability to not letting the loud minority interfere with the agenda of the majority. Protesting is your right as a citizen. Destroying property that isn’t your own is not.

Leadership is honoring the men and woman who serve and protect this country. It’s standing up to recognize a fallen solider and his family no matter what your political ideologies might be.  

Leadership is admitting to yourself that we have fallen as a nation. Our infrastructure continues to crumble and past promises to put Americans too work to fix it have never materialized. Our roads and highway system is the lifeblood of commerce in this nation. Dams and other structures should be a priority, not an afterthought. We need to stop being the GoFundMe account for the rest of the world and once again think locally.

Leadership is saying the words “radical Islamic terrorist” and not worrying about offending someone. It is admitting that we have enemies and they will stop at nothing to harm us as individuals and as a nation. If you are offending by words, then you are part of the problem.

Leadership is not being afraid to do something unpopular and keeping the promises you have made to the people who put you in office. The days of campaign rhetoric are over. The ability to follow through is what this country needs.

Leadership is everything that was exhibited on stage last night in the President’s first address to Congress. We as a country have been starving to have someone in the oval office that puts the United States first on his or her agenda. Accountability along with honesty and integrity is something that has been lacking in Washington, D.C. for quite some time, so I’m asking you Mr. President to continue with this momentum that you exhibited last night and remember….Actions speak louder than words, and we the people will be watching. God Bless America.

Ps. Happy hump day peeps from the black dog and myself to you and remember….Sunshine is always a good idea.

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