Thursday, July 13, 2017

Russia made me write this post

Dear election interference by the Russians, 

Raise your hand if any actions by Russia influenced you to vote for President Trump in this past election. Anyone?… Anyone?….I am guessing that if you are reading this both hands are still being occupied by what they were previously doing. Why is it that nine months after the final ballot was cast and seven months since his inauguration, the media is still enamored with this issue? It’s quite, simple, they would rather see someone fail rather then succeed. It is what sells and is why we continue to suffer as a nation. 

The latest concerning this topic is that the President’s oldest son made contact with a Russian lawyer/movie star/chambermaid/Putin confidant prior to the election to dig up dirt on his father’s competition. GOD FORBID!!!! This my friends happens every day, not only in the world of politics, but in this game we call life. We as humans like to win, and will do anything possible to achieve our goals. It is in our nature, no matter how callow that sounds. There isn't a political figure past or present who has not utilized all their resources in order to get the desired results…Which is too WIN. Sometimes it might not be ethical in the way these conclusions are achieved, but if it is done in a legal manner, then what is the issue? 

We as a country try to influence leadership around the world on a daily basis. Whether we are supporting guerrillas in South America to helping an opposing party overthrow the current leadership in some Middle Eastern country, we have been guilty of this for years. It is what world powers do to gain leverage over their advisories and expand there empire. It doesn't matter if the person in office is conservative, liberal or middle of the road in their political views. They are looking for ways to expand the reach and importance of this nation. 

Russia didn't influence Americans to vote for Trump, the devastation that the previous regime did. Our country was split like no other time since the Civil War and we the people wanted change. Hillary Clinton provided another four years of what we had gone through the previous eight, and if you think that would have been good for the country, you are part of the problem. 

I am not saying that Trump was the right choice to fix this great nation, but he was an alternative that we had not seen yet, which to me was the best choice. This is why he was elected President of the United States. Not by Russia releasing information that we already knew about concerning his opponent, but by men and women of this country looking for change. 

Horses can only be beating so much. Think fake birth certificates, emails on private servers, Barry watching SportCenter on the reg, etc. Let us finally move on from this subject, and get back to making this country great. God Bless….

Ps. Happy Pre-Friday peeps on another hot day in the north state. May you find a cocktail in your hand later and remember….Don’t be eye candy. Be soul food. 

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