Friday, June 30, 2017

The forgotting art of honesty

Dear Honesty,

What is our fascination as a society with dishonesty? To family, friends, co-workers and most importantly the people we love?

We like to say that we do this to protect and not hurt another but in reality, it does the exact opposite. Whether in business or your personal life, this can be a slippery slope and we have all been guilty of it.

People will often do it without realizing the consequences. It is a safety method that we use to protect ourselves and avoid conflict. This can be from discussing a business deal with a partner, choosing a place to eat with friends or making plans with your significant other. We sometimes feel that not saying anything is the best policy. Now this can be true on most occasions, there’s nothing wrong by going with the flow on simple matters, it’s the ones where more is at stake that this openness needs to be unveiled.

The most attractive quality a human being can display is honesty. Not just too the people around them but to themselves. The vulnerability that it presents is what makes it such a special trait. It is a conversation from the heart, and nothing is more extraordinary. Overcoming the fear of honestly opening up to another is one of the most satisfying things in life. What you have to say may hurt that person at that moment, but the pain is far greater to them if you withhold it. We can all speak from experience on this.

In this day and age of social media and round the clock news people are constantly trying to show the rest of us that they live in a perfect world when in reality it is quite the opposite. The majority of society is afraid of being judged and that includes myself. We tend to show and tell people what we want them to hear, and not the truth for all the above-mentioned reasons. All this gets us is a few likes on Facebook or Instagram and a continued emptiness inside. Life is far greater than this. With that statement, I would like to present to you this:

My name is Marc Breckenridge and I’m 41 years old (I know I look way younger). I was born and raised in Woodland, CA and now call Chico home. Agricultural is my career of choice. Farming brings a smile to my face. I have a black lab named Cosby who is my road dog in life. I enjoy an ice cold by any given body of water. Spontaneous travel is my jam. I have been in love. I pray every morning. I have made my fair share of mistakes. I do my best to recognize these and work constantly to improve myself. I have a hard time putting what I mean into words sometimes. My friends are the world to me and I can never thank them enough for letting me into their lives. I constantly am tearing down walls from past experiences. Opening up to people, even those close has always been hard for me. I have a big heart and wear it on my sleeve for the people I love and care about. I’m pretty awesome (Well, at least for the most part).

See how easy that was? Put yourself on that ledge and try it sometime, you may never know who you will make smile because of it, and this my friends is priceless….

PS. Happy Friday peeps on my favorite holiday weekend! May you all get the chance to celebrate this great nation’s birthday and remember….We may have our differences but it is our flag that allows us these. God Bless.

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