Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Remember when boys weren't allowed to use the ladies room

Dear Jerry Brown,

In high school I never had to stop and think to myself which bathroom I should use. It has been pretty straight forward for me and the rest of society that if you had a penis you went in the door marked “men” and if you had a vagina you used the door marked “women” to take care of your business. Recent legislation signed into law by Governor Brown has gone and turned something so simple into a perplexing choice. The law states that California’s public school districts cannot “bar a student from a single-sex setting such as bathrooms, sports teams or locker rooms” (out of state friends once again I can’t make this stuff up). So what you are trying to say that if I’m feeling my feminine side I can stroll into the ladies locker room and participate in whatever activity is planned for that day and then hit the showers with them to clean up before my next class? I’m saying where was this law when I was in high school?! Another advantage of this law that I missed out on was the athletic aspect. If I was allowed to play for the girls basketball team I could have definitely been all state or being an avid fan of volleyball I know that I could have helped the women’s team and would have looked damn good in those orange bloomers. Whether you are a guy and you like Kate Upton or have feelings for Bradley Cooper or a girl who fancy’s Chanum Tatum or has a poster of Blake Lively on your wall you were born that way. Being born either a male or female and wanting to be transformed into the opposite sex goes against what Mother Nature created and no logic can defend this as narrow minded as it sounds. It takes the science of hormone treatment and modern surgery to change what you were born with and therefore it’s called a “choice”. Also ask yourself who does this law really benefit? There are already laws in place for students who are still trying to decide if they should go through life as Mike or Michelle that prevents them from being discriminated against. This opens the doors for what will be a free-for-all for everyone’s favorite species the lawyer. The California public school system is already in decay with a lack of funds and adding numerous lengthy and expensive lawsuits to it because Johnny wants to play women’s tennis or Sarah wants to use the men’s room will be to the determent of the youth who attend class every single day. Let’s get back to the basics of what our educational system was created for. For kids to not only get a free quality education but also to learn about themselves and enjoy the comradely of their peers whether it be in the classroom, stage or on the ball field……I still think I would have looked good in those bloomers.

PS. Happy hump day peeps and I hope you are having a splendid day and remember….Sometimes let her know that she looks like Christmas morning. 

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