Friday, August 9, 2013

Two words that can end a business...labor unions

Dear Labor Unions,
There are a lot of words that you can say that will offend a person and if you know me I use quite a few of these in my everyday vocabulary. I do filter myself when I’m in the presence of adults who are enjoying my company for the first time and children but for the most part you get me raw and uncut. There are certain words that I chose not to use because the very thought of them repulse me and I know you find it hard to believe but yes I do get offended. Last night on my downtown to enjoy another Thursday conquered with a celebratory cocktail I was interrupted by a phone call from a close friend who continued to upset me and turn my mood from joy to anger by repeating the most offensive words in the English language…..Labor unions. Yes, I’m talking about the same labor union that is defined my Webster’s as: “an organization of workers formed for the purpose of advancing its members' interests in respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions” but in reality makes money for the ones put in power while the people they represent continue to gain little benefit as the businesses they work for fail as they succumb to outrageous demands. Let me paint a picture for you about the evil of unions that you should already be all too familiar with after seeing the government take over numerous automakers and Detroit go bankrupt along with the Twinkie finally meeting its demise which for the record no one predicted could ever happen. This aforementioned business currently employs 15 people and pumps over 3 million dollars into its local economy every year. The employees who are mostly Hispanic and some lacking a high school education take home close to $60,000 per year doing a job that simply requires them to have a valid driver’s license, very little manual labor and the ability to back up a truck. The business owner was recently approached by a labor union representative and told that he had been talking to his employees and that they were going to ratify and join. He was then told that if he did not go along with this it would cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees that he doesn’t have.  If he chooses to give in to their demands and the employees become union members it will cost him around $150,000 per year in benefit packages under the Teamsters “plan 10”. Yes, that same loveable group that helped Jimmy Hoffa relocate his office to under the end zone at Giants Stadium. With a business whose profit margin sits around 4% this added cost would likely cause it to close its doors, thus leaving the people who work there unemployed and also affecting numerous families and other businesses who rely on the services it provides. Unions continue to stifle businesses and do the exact opposite of what they were formed to do. Instead of creating opportunities for the American worker, they close them while the people in charge line their pockets with profit.  Working conditions today are a far cry from what Upton Sinclair wrote about over 100 years ago (FYI he was a Socialist also…I’m just saying). In today’s economy, business owners both small and large need to take a stand whether it be at the local, state or federal level and let labor unions know who is really in charge, the person who takes that risk of starting a business and providing much needed jobs for the people of this country….Now if I could just get Clint Eastwood to narrate this we may have the start of something special.

PS. Happy Friday peeps, I hope you get out and enjoy that weekend and remember….England’s greatest gift to the world was the United States…Merica. 

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