Friday, August 30, 2013

Mousketeers are not role models

Dear Miley Cyrus,

As someone who took in the spectacle that is the MTV Music Video Awards like millions of people around the globe I to was witness to the next great celebrity train wreck…..Miley Cyrus. Yes, that same Miley Cyrus who parent’s have made very wealthy with their numerous purchases of anything and everything Hannah Montana for their children are now cringing at the fact that the former Disney protégée is now singing about the hippie lettuce and molly while grinding against a married man dressed in the Men’s Warehouse latest “Beetle Juice” line of clothing. People have reacted in shock and anger at the antics of the latest Mouseketeer to go off the deep end once she was exposed to the freedom of adulthood. I want to let you in on something…..Miley Cyrus is not a role model. She is a 20 year old kid who is making the same mistakes that a lot of kids do just on a much bigger stage. Hit up any party or club in cities across America and you will be exposed to the exact same thing you saw on TV minus the dancing bears. It’s not her job to raise your kids it is yours as a parent. If you disagree with what she does on stage at her shows don’t go to them and stop buying your kids her albums and merchandise. It’s a simple idea….Tell your kid “NO”. It works like this; “Mommy, can I get the new Hannah Montana PCP flavored glow stick?” Simply respond with “NO”. See how simple yet so eloquent that is?  The more parents who follow this lead the less you will see of her. It is such a novel idea. It seems like I am always referring back to how a person was raised. Most child actors and musicians are thrust into the spotlight at a young age and are not giving the time or environment to grow up “normal” like the rest of us. There image is carefully cultivated by their parents to appeal to the segment of society who will bring in the largest profit at the expense of a well rounded childhood. Just because Billy Ray preaches about down home country living and God doesn't mean that’s how his kid was raised. It is an image that he wanted you to perceive, how achy breaky of him. I continue to wonder why people are appalled when they see something like this from a celebrity.  From Madonna faking sex acts on stage to Britney participating in foreplay with a python and now Miley trying to convince us that a constant tongue wag and an ass that has Hank Hill laughing is sexy and provocative there is always going to be another disaster waiting to happening courtesy of a misguided young celebrity. Years from now we will forget Miley’s performance just as we have forgotten the numerous jaw droppers that have come before her. There will always be someone new trying to push the envelope of what we call entertainment and sex and I’m hoping the next one doesn't resemble a Japanese animation experiment gone wrong…..Kate Upton did you hear me???

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this holiday weekend. With harvest starting next week this farmer is going to enjoy it with some cold beers, lake views and maybe some dove on the BBQ and remember…..The magic happens outside of your comfort zone. 

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