Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Richard Sherman: America's current love/hate affair

Dear Richard Sherman haters,

Before I am tar and feathered by the title of this piece I want you all to know that I am not a fan of Richard Sherman but the reactions that he has been receiving don’t fit the crime. The man is not a thug and those out there should look at players on your own team that you worship before you decide to pass sentence. Dreadlocks and a gift for trash talking don’t make you a thug. If he’s guilty of anything it is bad judgment. At no time has he been arrested for smoking out morally questionable women with the tree or been put behind bars for unloading his Glock at a party to show the ladies in attendance that he could co-star in a rap video if he chose fit. He simply told the world that he is better than his competition. The reason I fail to judge him for his post game tirade is because who out there has ever made a play against your biggest rival that put your team in the Super Bowl at the age of 25?? Drum roll please…..None of you. The man was working on pure adrenaline and the sheer joy of the moment and to the credit of his communication professors at Stanford University still had the whereabouts to look directly in the camera and not drop an “F” bomb or ten. Why is it that 49er fans are the first to scream classless and unsportman like? Aren’t these the same fans that cheered when the worst person in sports Terrell Owens was running halfway across the field to celebrate on the other team’s logo not too long ago and for those of you who are not so “faithful” the antics of your own quarterback when mocking the opposition? No need to hate for hate purposes. Sherman is Deion Sanders 2.0. He is the player that is full of swag and talent who gets under your skin as a player and fan when he’s wearing a color that is not of your preference. Put him on your team and you fall in love with the guy as a teammate and fan because he makes you better. Primetime was my least favorite person on the planet until he strapped on a helmet with a Star on the side of it and helped lead us to another Super Bowl ring. Give the kid credit for going from Compton, CA to one of the top institutions of higher learning in the United States this side of Chico State and earning a degree along with starting in a master’s program. Yes if you ask me someone who was salutatorian and carried a 4.2 GPA in high school then receiving a degree in 3 years at Stanford has “thug” written all over him. It’s a persona that he plays that just like the less educated Floyd “money” Mayweather (who I also dislike) that will earn him huge returns in his pocketbook in the future. For every hero there needs to be a villain that the public equally loves. And unlike other so called thugs in the sports world he owned up to his brashness and heat of the moment lyrics and took responsibility for his actions admitting that although he could have said it differently he can’t take back what was said. As much as I hate dreadlocks on my football players I equally hate an audience that judges for the sake of hate.  It’s like saying every white quarterback only says OMAHA….Oh wait….

PS. Happy Hump day peeps on his sunny spring day in January and remember…….Drinking vodka before 10am doesn’t make you an alcoholic it makes you awesome.

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