Friday, January 31, 2014

State of the Union address vs. A thank you to the Military

Dear State of the Union address,

A lot of people have contacted me this week asking to write a piece on President Obama’s State of the Union address. Well my answer is……NO!!! Instead of focusing on the continuing fallacy of “hope and change” by the current administration I’ve chosen to concentrate on something that really shows the true spirit of what America is and reaffirms my faith in it….Army Sergeant 1st Class Cory Remsburg. If anybody should receive numerous standing ovations it should be men and women just like Cory who have sacrificed their lives on the reg to give us the opportunity to debate what is best for the United States no matter what social economical class, race, gender or political affiliation you identify with. First a little background on the man that for a brief moment brought both Democrats and Republicans together in agreement for a little over two minutes. Cory Remsburg joined the Army on his 18th birthday after his father refused to sign the paperwork for him as a 17 year old high school graduate. He worked his way up the military ladder along with becoming a member of the elite Army Rangers unit and in addition to this served ten tours of duty in Afghanistan and other regions of the Middle East. Yes folks you read that right, the man has put his life on the line for our country more times than most of you will go to the gym in a lifetime. On his 10th deployment he was struck by a roadside bomb with a blast so powerful he ended up in a canal adjacent to the road with injuries that included shrapnel to the brain and eye. Rescued by his unit he lay in a coma for three months. In the concurrent two plus years since, he has undergone numerous surgeries and hours of grueling rehab. Blind in his left eye and still struggling with his left side he perseveres to the time he can serve his country once again. This story would illicit tears from even Chuck Norris. Cory’s tragedy and triumph isn’t an anomaly. It is one of many that a multitude of active duty military personal and veterans both past and present have gone through to make your life better. They are just not publicized in a media for all of you to see. If you took anything away from Obama’s State of the Union address let it be that all politics aside there is a larger good that keeps us safe at night and protects us against all threats both foreign and domestic that in an instant may cost them their normalcy or even there life. As you know I always like to remind you to hug a farmer or rancher and thank them for the bountiful food supply they bring to your table but today I would like to add an addendum to include every person past or present who has ever served this country. You make it possible for the former request to happen….God Bless.  

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this Super Bowl of a weekend. Enjoy it with a cold drink in hand and remember….If you’re making her bite her lip, you are doing a damn good job.

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