Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Republicans: Stick to your roots and change the game

Dear Republicans,

Woooo Hooo! You did it!...After years of the voting majority of the country believing that “Change” was what was right for the United States, the American people realized that true “Change” is what is needed to fix a broken system not only in Washington DC but across the landscape of this great nation. Now don’t screw it up!...I know you are all as ecstatic and giddy as a sorority girl on free Uggs giveaway night at the local Starbucks in the fall but that doesn’t mean you lose sight of the big picture and what got you elected to office. You all know what I’m talking about. Don’t be that youngest child who finally has the freedom to run the family business after years of being told what to do. The one who is drunk on power and will stop at nothing to leave their own lasting impressing on the company no matter how much it negatively effects the rest. This is what happened to the last administration and its followers, which has lead us to the disaster that we must right as a country today. Another piece of sage advice I would like to share with you is that the media and members of the Republican Party need to stop referring to any candidate who is a fresh face and has new ideas as the next “Ronald Reagan”. There is no bigger supporter of the 40th President of the United States then the beer drinking, gun toting, freedom loving rice farmer who is writing this piece you are currently reading, but there will never be a “next” Ronald Reagan just like we will never see someone crush a fastball like Babe Ruth or hang in the air as long as Michael Jordan. They were all once in a generation game changers. Let’s focus on being the “first” and incorporate the ideologies of the great ones from the past like the immortal President Reagan into your agenda of fixing what is wrong with this country. Be the trendsetter that people are debating about being the “next” years down the road. Finally and most importantly, stay true to who you are and the people of the United States. Do not let Washington, politics and money detour you on your quest to fix what is wrong. Stick to the agenda at hand and make myself and the rest of the people who check “Republican” at the ballot box smile and not have us shaking our heads a few years from now. God Bless and most importantly…Merica!

PS. Happy Hump Day peeps on this gorgeous November day. Let’s make liberalism an endangered species and remember….Don’t ever trust someone who bites their ice cream without flinching. That just isn’t natural.

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