Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ignorance is color blind

Dear Ferguson rioters,

Let’s go to the score card from last night’s activities:
·         12 plus businesses badly damaged or destroyed.
·         3 police cars burned to the ground.
·         61 arrests.
·         Thousands of dollars of merchandise looted and dreams destroyed.  

This is what mayhem, bedlam and the destruction of your home accomplish:
·         One black male is still dead.

Congratulations, you just set civil rights along with humanity as a whole back 100 years! Who is to blame for all of this? The answer is actually quite simple. In a society where 90% of violent crimes against blacks are committed by blacks themselves, yet there are no protests, calls for justice or major media coverage concerning this issue. You know why? It is the same reason that you don’t hear about white on white violent crimes which happen at right around the same clip. It’s because the “race baiters” in society have nothing to gain from it. Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. when the above mentioned crimes are being perpetrated? Nowhere, because there are no camera present or dollars to be made. The race card is only relevant when there is something to gain. The dream that Martin Luther King had has turned into a multi-million dollar industry for the above mentioned players and others like them, and the ones who suffer are the people that they are reported to help. When this situation calms down and the TV cameras disappear, they will move on to the next “cause” and not take the time to look back at the destruction that is left behind. The problem with communities like Ferguson and others like it is that it’s too easy to blame others for the situations that it faces. I have heard over and over about the racial makeup of the city council, school board and police force and how blacks have no voice. In a town where 67% of the voting population is black, if 100% did there civic duty and voted then these publicly determined positions would be filled by the demographics that the town represents. That math works at both Chico State and Harvard. It’s not a matter of race and hatred, it’s a matter of ignorance and laziness. Use your God given right as a citizen of the United States to make a difference and vote. Race didn’t kill Michael Brown, the ignorance of attacking a police officer did. Racism didn’t cause the city council and police force of Ferguson to be white, the laziness of the voting public determined that. Race did not cause the violence seen in this same city last night, the race baiting of the lazy and the ignorant did and the community is ultimately the one who suffers. Ignorance and laziness sees no color, unless it’s told too….Merica.

PS. Happy Tuesday peeps on this holiday week, may you have a drink in your hand as it comes to an early close and remember…..You’re either at the table or on the menu.

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