Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Everyday is Ag Day

Dear National Ag Day,
As I walked to the local coffee shop this morning I passed numerous people on the sidewalk making their way to work on this Wednesday. I exchanged a smile and some pleasantries with a few but none of them thanked me. The coffee shop was bustling with business and as I made my way to the counter to put in my order I still received no thank you. The lady at the register took my order and asked how my day was so far but not a single thank you was received by myself in this conversation. This scenario played itself out through the morning as I made my way to the ranch. I had numerous interactions with people at businesses across town and not a single person took the time the thank me. You may be sitting there asking yourself why I am looking for a “thank you” from the general public. Well today is National Ag Day which is meant to celebrate all the hard working farmers and ranchers in this great country and the things they do to keep food on your plate every day. Although a “thank you” from time to time would be nice it is not needed by myself or any of the other over 21 million people who make a living directly related to agriculture. You see, farmers and ranchers don’t need you to tell them thank you every time you see them. They don’t expect anything in return when you sit down at the kitchen table and enjoy the fruits of their labor for dinner at night. Your full belly and the smile on your face is thanks enough. While having a national day dedicated to agriculture is an honor and brings awareness to the nation in which it feeds it is not needed. Wait….Did I just say that??? There shouldn’t be a set date to recognize what farmers and ranchers do to bring you the safest, cheapest and most readily available food system the world has ever seen. It is celebrated every time you put on a shirt in the morning made from the finest cotton to the bacon and eggs washed down by an ice cold glass of milk you enjoy before making your way to work. It’s observed throughout the day with each meal that is consumed no matter how big or small. It is commemorated as you pass the numerous fields, pastures and orchards along the road as you make your way back home in the evening. Agriculture happens every day and it is an honor that I can call myself a farmer. From large operations covering thousands of acres to the small guy carving out a living growing on an empty lot in the city we all contribute to the fabric that is this industry. Being able to do what we do on a daily basis is a blessing that not many get to experience and I am reminded of this every time I pick up a shovel or jump on a tractor or throw on my Muck boots and wade my way through a flooded rice field. The motto “hug a farmer” has been a favorite of mine since I was little so if you see a guy dressed in plaid, blue jeans , boots and sporting the latest in farm head gear today, first make sure he isn’t and hipster and then give him a hug. I guarantee it will put a smile on a farmers face and this is the only thanks we need. Merica…
PS. Happy hump day peeps and if you ate thank a farmer or rancher, it is much appreciated and remember…Real love is putting someone else before yourself. Try it and see the smile that resonates.
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