Friday, March 20, 2015

Patriotism in the classroom

Dear American education system and Patriotism,
When did it become admissible to ban the American Flag at college campuses? Who said it was alright to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic at a high school on the east coast? What has happened to the way our youth is shaped in this country? The more pertinent question to ask ourselves is when did it become OK to hate the United States in our schools? There are a lot of issues within the American education system. From lower than average test scores compared to other countries when it comes to public education at the elementary to high school level to the rising cost of tuition among our numerous universities and colleges. What has escaped through the crack in this discussion is the “love of country” which was instilled in most of us at the elementary level of our education. As the teaching profession has strayed away from the actual art of “teaching” and has become more of a bastion for educators to implant their own personal views into our youth the moral fiber of our country has continued to deteriorate. What’s wrong with our education system is we have got away from the things that make this country great. The Pledge of Allegiance being recited every morning before class started was as commonplace as bacon, eggs and a cup of coffee across the country not too long ago. Both your home state flag and Old Glory could be found in every classroom across the nation. These things gave us all pride in who we are and where we are from. I know what you liberal teachers are thinking….Who is this redneck??? Now I may love country, beautiful blonde women, guns, ice cold beer and a spring evening combining all those things at the ranch but I am far from what my friends from the South like to refer to as a “redneck”. The closet full of 7 jeans amongst the plaid pearl snap shirts can attest to this. What I am is a person who loves the United States of America and that should be celebrated and not shunned upon. As an American citizen the Constitution grants you rights that others are currently dying for in countries around the world trying to achieve that same sense of freedom. The thing that they all have in common is a love of their respective country and flag. I remember a group of men 239 years ago who shared in this same pride. It’s not a religious thing. It is not a political agenda. It’s not liberal or conservative. It is about pride in the nation you call home whether you were born here or have immigrated to the USA to find a better life for yourself and your family. That flag that should be saluted every morning in classrooms across the United States stands for all that is right and is the reason people risk their lives daily trying to come here to find a better life. You can hate your job and current employment situation. You can hate politicians and the government that they control. We can disagree on with each other’s political ideologies but what should all be agreed upon as a whole is that we love the United States and the red, white and blue which represents it. Here is a question that should be part of the common core curriculum. “When people are taught to respect the United States, its flag and the ones who died to give them the life they have what do you have?” It’s pretty simple…You have a greater country and a future with endless possibilities. You can slap a smiley face on that because it’s going on the fridge. Merica….
PS. Happy Friday peeps. May you find yourself with someone special and a drink in your hand later and remember….The two things that girls want are to lose weight and to eat. It’s your job to figure out at what point in the day those occur.  
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