Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The tragedy in Orlando: Political agenda vs. Leadership

Dear Orlando terrorist attack, 

The world is filled with evil. People who hate our way of life and the choices our freedom allows us to make. In the early morning hours of June 12th we as a country were reminded of this again. 50 people dead. Not by guns, bombs or knives but by terrorism. A hatred for the United States and those of us who call it home.

As details of this tragedy unfolded, people were quick to blame who or what they thought were responsible for the senseless deaths of so many. Our own president was guilty of this. 

Barack your primary goal as the Commander in Chief is to unify this nation and you have been unsuccessful at it with each act of terror on this country’s soil. The only way to solve a problem is to admit their first is one. This is where you have failed Mr. President. In your quest to not alienate a portion of a religion that chooses to preach hate and instead push your political ideologies, you have divided a nation once again.

Our enemy isn't the 2nd Amendment, one’s political beliefs or any of the numerous things that the media and our so called “leaders” like to blame when a tragedy like this takes place. It is terrorism. It has had many faces over the 240 years that we have called ourselves the United States and currently it is that of radical Islamic extremists. It’s that simple, and if you are offended by this you are part of the problem. 

Leader’s identify a problem and solve it. They make the tough decisions and most importantly put their country first over all else. Vladimir Putin and François Hollande both exemplified this when there respective nation’s were hit by terror a year ago. Polar opposites on the political pendulum, but each having a love for ones country and the desire to defend it first and foremost. They identified and went after what and who was responsible for it….Radical Islamic extremists. No political correctness needed.  

This isn't a time too attack our Constitution or political beliefs, it’s a time to unite the nation. We must throw political rhetoric aside for love of the flag and country. Stand up against those who want to destroy us and remind them again that this is the United States and we coward to no one. We are men and women, black and white, straight and gay, conservative and liberal, christian and muslim and will fight all who stand against our lifestyle and the choices our freedom allows us. On all issues ,whether we agree upon them or not. We all are America. 

Evil and terrorism doesn't discriminate, it attacks all because of it’s hatred towards itself and others. When we find a President who can agree with this statement and act on it we will once again be able to call this country great…God bless Orlando. 

PS. Happy Flag Day peeps on this cool June morning in God’s Country. May the red, white and blue be flying wherever you call work and remember….Happiness is that intersection of what you like to do and what you're good at. Find it and you will never work again. 

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