Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Remember when we accepted responsibility?

Dear personal responsibility,
A  list of current headlines in the news:
“Confederate flag responsible for murders at a South Carolina church”
“Greece threatens to leave the EU if financial bailout isn’t approved”
“Girl dies at the hands of a gun in San Francisco”
What is wrong with these attention grabbing stories? They like most news worthy events these days blame anybody and everything other than who or what is truly responsible for an act. Why implicate yourself when you can easily accuse someone or something else?! Who or what is at fault for what is happening to society when it comes to personable responsibility???....WE ARE. It is really quite simple to see where we went wrong when it pertains to personal responsibility. It starts at home. Discipline use to be commonplace. You did something wrong as a child, you were punished for it. I’m not talking about timeout or the threat of your IPhone being taking away. Not too long ago children were spanked when they did something wrong, and you know what….It worked!!! Liberals, spanking is not a form of child abuse, it is a tool to teach your son or daughter right from wrong. It teaches RESPONSIBILITY for one’s actions. From the home it moved to gyms and sports fields across America. At the end of a game there is always a winner and a loser. Lessons are taught to the individuals and teams from each outcome. Real life emulates sports. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the participants to take something away from the outcome of the event, good or bad. In youth athletics today these lessons are lost. You see, scores are not kept and trophies and ribbons are handed out to each team, win or lose strictly for the fact that they are “participating” in the sport. As someone who has been involved in organized athletics my entire life, “participating” in something whether it be a sport, academic competition, etc. doesn’t earn you a medal or award. Winning earns you this. Life lessons aren’t taught when you simply partake in something. The next place it showed up was in classrooms throughout the country. Remember when you graduated from school and it counted? After 12 years of schooling and growing from an adolescence into an adult you received your high school diploma. Some of us moved on to college and after 4 to 7 years (depending on if you went to Chico State) of hard work we were able to walk across that stage and hold our hands up high and say “we did it”, we are college graduates. It was your RESPONSIBILITY to go to school and get the best grades possible. If you were failing in a certain subject, you received the necessary help in order to improve. Today, there is a graduation ceremony for every grade. Parents and the American education system are continuing the pattern by rewarding our youth for everything they do. Grades are no longer given out for fear that it will shatter a child’s self worth if they don’t receive a passing mark. We continue to teach our kids that everyone's a winner and if they fail to succeed it not their fault. These lessons are carried into adulthood, thus giving us the previous mentioned news headlines. Here is what the headlines look like when you insert PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY into them:
“A flag didn’t kill those people in that church in South Carolina, a deranged evil individual did.”
“Greece isn’t in financial turmoil because of others in the European Union, it is because they are a nation of freeloaders who would rather continue to take handouts rather than tighten their belt in hard times.”
“An innocent girl didn’t lose her life because of a gun, she lost it due to the fact that the city of San Francisco and its laws harbored an illegal alien with a violent criminal past.”
No blame, just honest answers. It is really that simple…
PS. Happy hump day peeps, my your work day be short and 5pm cocktail be cold and remember….When you plan on nothing, you’re never disappointed.
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