Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stereotyping extremists

Dear Muslim Faith and Followers,
The problem with society is that we have gotten weak. When we have strong thoughts about something we don’t want to say it for fear of being judged or the repercussions that may follow. Lucky for you guys and the sake of this column I’ve never fallen under either category. Last week we once again were hit by terror on American soil and even though the loss of life and injury were far less than 9/11 the security blanket that we live in was interrupted once again. These acts of terror along with numerous others like them on American interests on foreign soil since that fateful September morning in New York all have one common thread….Muslim extremists.  Now I’m not a scholar when it comes to religion but I’ve never heard anyone utter the term “extreme Catholic” or “extreme Sikh” or “extreme Mormon” at any point in my life.  After any incident around the world that involves the death of innocent people in the name of Allah the media condones the public for saying that you are a religion based on hate.  If you aren’t a religion based on hate then your leaders around the world need to step up and denounce these heinous crimes against innocent people and seek out and make an example of the quote “extremists” until they cease to think that a bomb strapped to your body is appropriate casual Friday attire. Now I know some of you are going to the think that I am just another profiling, racist with a quick wit and a disposition for beautiful blondes and great vodka but if white rice farmers with charming personalities and a penchant for a stiff drink and good times were constantly trying to maim, murder and entrap the world through terror than profile away and wipe us off the planet and people who know me know that the only thing I discriminate against is rain in May and an increase in the cost of my favorite cocktail at any number of local libation destinations. Don’t say that my logic towards this issue can be used in the same content as the Greek System at Chico State. No guy in a bro tank and unkept hair or a girl in a dress that defies gravity on buck night has ever tried to bring harm to anyone but themselves. When foreign interests try to bring harm to our country and our people I don’t care what color, race, religion or type of beer you drink like Boston showed we will get wicked on you. Muslim’s, the ball is in your court so step up your game and change the thoughts of the many before the rest of the 5.4 billion of us on the planet start thinking like the few….I’ll accept that Pulitzer now.

PS. Happy hump day peeps, the wind has finally stopped blowing and the sun is shining. Wishing I was headed to Stagecoach like some of you out there but this rice gig always seems to get in the way this time of year have fun and send pics and remember……Every hedge is a maze when you’ve been drinking.

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