Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mudrucking on the local level

Dear Chico News & Review,
I have to hand it to you, over the years you have written many scathing reports concerning the Chico bar scene, the Greek System and the alleged drinking problems that are associated with these entities but your latest cover story “A Perfect Storm” may be your finest example of why your paper belongs with others like it on the rack next to “Obama is good for our country” or “Southern rice is better than California rice” and other sensationalized headlines in papers at your local grocery store.  After reading your article I realized 3 things: first, I along with most of the general population are binge drinkers even though I have never called vodka “Chico water” like you so persuasively put it. Secondly, every person who can claim to be a Wildcat Alumni was deeply influenced by a school event that happened when neon was chic and Budweiser was using a dog much cooler than me to sell its wares and lastly I have been missing out on the holiday known as Caesar Chavez Day. CNR you along with President Zingg’s continued assault on the Greek Community are tired and to call fraternities “drinking clubs” is slander also to drop statistics and what you perceived as a study without quoting the source once again proves how bush league your paper has become.  I also love the irony of you in bashing the bars of our great town. Those same drinking establishments are the ones that fund your propaganda filled fish rag.  In your attack on the bar scene and alleged drinking issues in Chico I counted 9 advertisements having to do with alcohol. Let’s see, it’s good enough to pay you numerous dollars to fund your liberal leaning paper that you put in every bar and restaurant in this town but it’s not good enough for the patrons of these same establishments?  Did you steal the blueprint for your business from the desktops of the current administration in Washington?  Here’s some free advise; you could have saved numerous trees and the 10 minutes that people will never get back in their lives for reading the propaganda that you call journalism by just simply quoting the sorority girl that asked to remain nameless for the article…..”Take ownership. Stop blaming bars and drink specials”.  These 8 simple words so eloquently uttered by someone who may or may not have just finished a five fireball appetizer can be applied to everything we do in life, so let me repeat that again….TAKE OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF!  It’s not fraternities, booze and bars causing problems its people who were not taught right from wrong by their parents growing up. CNR, I think I just gave you your next big story.

Happy hump day peeps on this cloudy afternoon and remember….Don’t forget about Christmas, your significant others birthday, 9/11, the Alamo and Dre.

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