Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Discrimination and tax codes

Dear IRS,
All hard working Americans know what April 15th means. It’s that time of year when we are all fleeced of our hard earned money to continue to finance and ever growing and corrupt government.  I mean who doesn’t love it when they open up that paycheck with the thoughts of after paying those monthly bills that you have enough left over to enjoy a night on the town or continue to save and buy that new boat or cabin by the lake you’ve been looking at only to realize that the United States government needs that cash more than you especially if you are 18-45, white, single, male and consider yourself fairly successful. We have all thought and asked ourselves sarcastically, “Why do they target me?” all the while knowing that the folks that we voted into office or the people they appointed to positions that govern society would act in a bipartisan way especially with the current administration in office said no one ever. Outgoing IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and everyone else who had knowledge of or participated in this blatant act of discrimination against the tea party and other conservative groups should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  After listening to the current Congressional hearing on this subject I have come to the conclusion that the word “deny” should be banned from a government official’s vernacular. Lois Lerner to invoke your 5th amendment right was cowardly in nature, if you did actually illegally target certain groups of people for their beliefs than admit to the public of these wrong doings and if you were not directly responsible for them than point Congress in the direction of the perpetrators. Most of us learned these lessons at a young age that if you do something wrong you admit it and not hide in fear of what others might think and why are we all not surprised when barry and his administration denies all knowledge of the targeting of conservative groups in this ever growing scandal. With all the other missteps currently going on in the oval office he probably figured that something so lightly regarded like discrimination would be ignored. Yes, liberals, you know what discrimination is. Remember it’s that card you are constantly pulling when something that is not to your liking is pulled and used against the rest of us. You tell us how wrong we are and that we should be ashamed of ourselves even though the given act has nothing to do with discrimination at all and more to do with common sense. Liberals and Democrats here is your chance to prove us wrong. Make Steven Miller, Lois Lerner and whoever else is responsible for this scandal (please let barry be heavily involved) pay for their crimes and make an example to future people in power that the American people will not tolerate these acts against us.
PS. Happy hump day peeps on this windy day in God’s Country. Hopes it’s a good one and remember…..Don’t die a virgin; terrorists are up there waiting for you. Definitely words to live by.

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