Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preferences don't win championships

Dear athletes, famous people, etc. and your sexuality, 
I’ve dedicated this column today to something that I’ve known for a long time but felt that now was the time to let you all know……..I’m straight.  Yes, I have an affinity for gorgeous blonde women with enough sass to keep me guessing and a liver that can keep up with the gold standard that God blessed me with.  Why is it that in this day and age that their needs to be a press conference and a major media blitz on a journeyman NBA 7 footer with a Stanford education because he wants to tell the world that he’s gay? Last time I checked this was not the 1950’s and in a society that’s tolerant when Justin Bieber thinks that Anne Frank would be more interested in him rather than being gassed at Auschwitz does it really matter if Playboy or Playgirl is in your bathroom library? With over 3,946 players combined from the four major North American sports leagues (I threw the NHL in there for you Canada) and the percentage of the gay population in the United States hovering around 25% that means 986 players enjoy Bradley Cooper over Kate Upton.  To break it down for the people out there that did not attend the Harvard of the West that is also known as Chico State there is a 1 in 4 chance that the dude next to you is gay and guess what...He’s the exact same guy that you have trusted to take the last shot, kick that game winning field goal or close out the 9th inning for you and if I was a professional athlete I would embrace the fact that he lacks the same passion as I do in the opposite sex…So you are telling me that you are rich, dress like you just walked off the rack in something you didn’t buy at Men’s Warehouse and are constantly surrounded by beautiful women at the club that you have absolutely no interest in???...I’m saying give me 10 other teammates just like him. Whether you are straight or gay or like to dress up in furry costumes on first dates it really doesn’t matter to me. As long as you are not a murderer, child molester, thief, liar, out of touch liberal or so far right NASCAR is asking you to mix in a left turn you are ok in my book. I don’t need you to get every news outlet in the country together for a presser for something that has no relevance to the team or our relationship.  Let’s get over the fact of who you chose to love and let’s concentrate on the fact that you’re my friend and teammate and the common goal we all share no matter if it is the sport of football, baseball or the game we call life is winning and more of that and less judging is just fine by me.
PS. Happy hump day peeps, hope you are all having an amazing day and we are that much closer to a weekend. The wind never ceases to stop and that can wreck havoc on this rice farmer’s patience and attitude so if you bump into this or any other’s out there drop a hug on them and a drink if possible and remember…..If Kate Upton burned her bra it would take days to put out.

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