Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday night libations make for a better Friday

Dear Thursday night drinking,
Listen I have to tell you something. I remember when you were the coolest cat on the block. I use to get out of class, grab a nap, mix in a shower, toss on some sex panther and head down to farmers market to get a glimpse of the latest in spring eye candy which was usually interrupted by some degenerate teenagers who have life issues at 15 because mommy and daddy failed to hug him or her enough and those same parents feel that downtown and the park are good babysitter for their kids. This led me to one of the many quality and budget friendly drinking establishments in the 4 block radius known as downtown Chico or as I like to call it the Disneyland for adults. Shot, cocktail, shot, cocktail, shot, cocktail, pee (you get what I’m trying to say) was repeated many times along with spitting some of the best game that cheap booze and an imagination will allow (I’m still a lyrical genius at this people) at whatever lovely lady happened to be within shouting distance of me that night only to end up at the frat house by myself passed out  with nachos from Tacos De in my fridge because they are always better in the morning and who doesn’t want their room to smell like Tapitio and Tijuana when they are hung over along  with a slice of pie from Franky’s which is actually quite tasty in the AM but when you ate the cheese and peps off it the night before the piece of triangle shaped bread just isn’t as appealing. Most semesters I had no classes on Friday (work smarter not harder) which made you so tantalizing Thursday. Years later I’m still infatuated with you only now when that whole scenario plays out this thing called work and responsibility are waiting for me the next day with a smile on their face and quick punch to the junk to let me know who is really in charge.  Why is it that you must treat me this way Thursday after all the good times we have had together? Do you and Sunday day drinking get together and scheme with each other on what is the best way to ruin my next day at work? What you need to do is talk to those cool days of the week known as Friday and Saturday that allow me to have fun minus the consequences most times of the year and map out a better game plan for me.  What I’m trying to say Thursday night drinking is that I don’t hate you and we are still friends just not as close as before. Don’t fret though, I’m sure that after a week to think about it we will be right back where we left off….And me cussing you the next day every step of the way.
PS. Happy Friday peeps, it’s that time of year when people walk across the stage to get that hard earned diploma so if you see a grad buy them a drink and if you see their parents buy mom and dad a shot and remember…..If you ever see a cheetah mounting a bull you know a good time is about to happen.

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