Friday, March 29, 2013

Rain and myself...The breakup

Dear Rain,
As a farmer I know I have a love/hate relationship with you depending on what time of year it is. After calling you several times and sending you numerous texts from January to February I finally got the hint that you were finally through with me but alas just as I begin getting comfortable with my current love sunshine and spring you have to storm back into my life like a jilted Taylor Swift love song and try to bring me down. Listen, I did love you at one point and time, we had so much fun as you poured precious drops into our reservoirs while I smiled like Charlie Sheen on $1 lap dance night at the local strip club knowing that you were not going to leave me or when you kept a constant layer of fresh powder in the mountains so we could be together weather it was on skis or a sled but now after not hearing from you for so long you are as welcome as open body sores before a clothing optional date with Kate Upton.  I just want to reiterate to you that we are through but never wanting to burn bridges if things don’t work out with spring and the sunshine then who knows…..Maybe we can get back together again. This break will be good for us both, I mean you can see what’s out there in other states and countries that grow medium grain rice and stay with them and maybe you may enjoy what they have to offer and it will allow me and sunshine to see if we are really meant to be and if it doesn’t work out for the both of us I got your number and like CRJ says I’ll call you maybe…..
PS. Happy Friday peeps on this Easter weekend, enjoy a cocktail some egg hunting and through God a curve by showing up to church with the family on Sunday and remember……Cadbury eggs do not come from cage free bunnies.

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