Friday, July 19, 2013

Drink tokens, salad's and rodeo

Dear Salinas Rodeo,
One of the greatest country music artists of our time Garth Brooks once sang; “It’s the ropes and reins the joy and the pain and they call the thing rodeo.”  If I didn’t have to worry about trademark and infringement rights, lawyers and Chris Gaines himself hunting me down and punish me by making me wear one of those shirts that even the Bieb’s wouldn’t go out in I would change those famous words for one weekend to; “It’s the Crown and the valley cold the Blasters and the good friends and some hoes and they call the thing the Salinas Rodeo” Yes it’s that time of year when the majority of people in the “Worlds Salad Bowl” break out the starched shirts, creased jeans and those amazing pointy toe boots to go along with the best cowboy hat that $20 can buy at the local Mercado and enjoy a week of what might be America’s true national pastime. For me it’s about not only getting to see some of the best athletes in the world perform and I’m not just talking about the human kind. I’m also talking about the horses, calves and bulls that train and compete at the highest level and are humble enough not  to stroll to the beer garden after a failed ride or round with their entry number still pinned to their back trying to consume whatever free drink will be passed their way and try to convince the fine ladies in attendance that yes they are really ranked in the top 10 in the world and just because they have a patch on their shirt that says they are sponsored by “Oroville Dentistry Services” doesn’t mean that they didn’t  fly in on a private jet with Ty Murray to get there. It’s also about seeing good friend, extended family and enjoying all that the Salinas Valley and Monterey Coast has to offer. It’s always a pleasure as I fight my way thorough churro vendors, taco stands and an occasional country music performance trying not to spill my $10 beers along the way to run into people that I only usually get to see during rodeo time. Rodeo’s like Salinas bring the real America out in masses and show the pride that the sport and the people that follow it exhibit.  People from all socially economic backgrounds come together in one spot to celebrate and cheer on the competitors win or lose. So if you find yourself at the rodeo grounds this weekend and make your way to the Crown Royal tent I have a pocket full of those gold coins they call drink tokens and say hi, because the next ones on me…Yeee Hawww!!!
PS. Happy Friday peeps and enjoy your weekend. It’s going to be hot in God’s Country so get by some water with a cold drink in your hand and remember….You’re not addicted to cocaine, you just enjoy the way it smells.

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