Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My 3 favorite things....Merica, Merica and Merica

Dear United States of America,
237 years ago a group of colonies decided that they didn’t want to eat haggis and crumpets the rest of their lives along with being taxed by an overbearing government (doesn’t it sound similar to the situation today?) and thus did something that we all thank them for till this day. People ask me why I love this country so much with all the problems and differences we have with each other. I tell them that this is what makes you great and as bad as it seem sometimes (see current administration) it always bounces back. We are the biggest and baddest kid on the block and the rest of the world has tried to knock us down numerous times but we continue to stand our ground and being that we are the country that everyone runs to in a time of need no matter what you say about us the men and women of our military are ready at a moment’s notice to suit up in our away colors of camouflage to restore order where it’s needed and thwart the evil that some leaders bring (Please see Saddam, Adolf, Mussolini and Osama) and we continue to proudly hold the distinction of Back to Back World War Champions if you need us. We have survived numerous conflicts and wars and even when some fine gentleman from the South decided that it was proper to turn against the rest of the Union because they were too lazy to fetch their own tea or do their own farm work we stayed together and held strong. The catchphrase “Boston Strong” became popular after the bombing at the Boston Marathon and developed into an inspiration for the city that started the revolution with England by tossing overpriced tea into the harbor and put us on a path to becoming the country we are today. These people showed the resilience that all of us have and the phrase which should really be used is “America Strong”.  When the chips are down and things look there darkest we put aside our differences and come together for the good of you and like that famous Lee Greenwood song so eloquently put it “I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today” So everyone as you wake up tomorrow and head to the lake, go to a BBQ or just spend quality time with friends and family make sure to wish the country that I so affectionately call “Merica” a happy birthday and thank her for all she’s done for us…..Here’s to another 237 years of running this planet we call Earth. MERICA!  
PS. Happy hump day peeps on this short and special holiday week. I hope all get to help celebrate the USA’s birthday with her and if you find yourself in Almanor and see a guy decked out in red, white and blue buy him a drink, he might just be me and remember…..Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyways. That’s John Wayne so you better listen.

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