Friday, August 15, 2014

Death, riots and looting...Yep sounds like Middle America

Dear Ferguson, Missouri residents,

A tragedy occurred last Saturday in a small community outside of St. Louis. Now it’s not a tragedy because Michael Brown is black, a child and was unarmed when he died like the newswires and social media continues to report on. It’s a tragedy because someone lost their life. There are always two sides to every story in life and this is no different. When the incident took place people were quick to blame law enforcement with the cries of police brutality and the murder of an innocent citizen along with justice must be served. A picture was carefully painted to us that Michael Brown was an innocent black child walking home with a friend and was gunned down in cold blood by a white police officer in plain daylight. But wait….You’re telling me there is more to this story??? You don’t say??? Recent information has now surfaced that Michael Brown and his friend were suspects in a strong-armed robbery that had just taking place at a convenient store. There is also evidence to suggest that there was a confrontation between Mr. Brown and the officer and a struggle for the policeman’s gun. His current state was not the one of the child that is provided to you by the media. He was an 18 year old man who weighed close to three bills. So what side do you believe? I’m putting my money on is the untold story. We are too quick to judge and take sides as a society. Just because an idiot (Note to people reading my literature for the first time, I love that word) of Al Sharpton’s stature gets on a soap box every time there is a headline that involves the words “black”, “racism” and “exposure” do you need to fall in line with his beliefs. Let the process play out and form an opinion once all the facts are presented to you. The reaction to the events that took place I will never understand. Why do people find it necessary to riot, burn and loot the place you call home? It doesn’t show an act of solidarity coming together as a community, it demonstrates to the world that you are an uncivilized heathen or in better terms an idiot. Please tell me how does stealing TV’s, booze, Nikes, etc. and then setting fire to a building bring Michael Brown back???...It doesn’t. This followed by the response of tear gas and heavily armed officers in riot gear and armored vehicles had me doing a double take to make sure I was still living in America. When I think of the Midwest, corn, factories and bad football come to mind not Beirut or Baghdad. At the end of the day a life was lost which by any means is sad. Let’s just remember that we live in a country where we are innocent until proven guilty or have we all been quick to forget about that fact…..

PS. Happy Friday peeps, I drank Bud Light last night so pardon me on the briefness of this post and remember….Everybody has soul, it’s the ones who dance that are special.

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