Friday, August 1, 2014

Society's answer to everything....Take a pill

Dear Medication of America,

You’re having sleepless nights…..Take a pill.
The stress of life is too much for you to handle…..Take a pill.
The kids are constantly full of energy and won’t listen….Give them a pill.

Are you starting to see a pattern here that we have as a society fallen into???...The advancement of modern medicine and its effect on the world as we know it today is probably mankind’s greatest achievement of the last 100 years. With it has come the eradications of diseases such as polio and the discoveries of both antibiotics and other lifesaving compounds that has increased the life span and quality of life for the human race. With all the good that modern medicine has brought us there is also a downside to it. As medicine has continued to advance, the cure for all our issues in life has come down to taking a pill. Like most things, we in the United States like to do things bigger and better than the rest of the world. A study conducted recently stated that over 70% of Americans are on some type of prescription drug. Wait, it gets better because that same study showed that 20% took five or more pills a day but that’s not all folks, over 14% of the population is on some form of antidepressants. I would like to say that these numbers astonish me but it takes a lot to do that these days. I’m affected by two disorders that if they were brought forth to a physician, would be prescribed medication to control. I suffer from what would be described in medical terms as both OCD and ADD. Shocking right to those of you who are close to me? (Insert joke here). On any given day I will find myself walking into a room more than once to make sure everything is in perfect order or as I walk out the front door turning to see that the rug is perfectly aligned between the outline of the tile. My clothes have to be ironed everyday no matter if it’s for a wedding or going to the duck blind. I fidget constantly with things, especially my phone and can’t sit still for a long amounts of time and given a certain task I am “rain man” like in accomplishing it at first, but will lose focus a lot of times. Obviously I need medication to control this…..WRONG. I have found other avenues to help with these and other issues and it doesn’t call for popping a pill. I’ve learned that things like exercise, sports, reading, writing (your welcome), surrounding myself with amazing people and most of all just constantly working on correcting these things have served me well in life with dealing with these issues. Now I’m not saying that all of life’s problems can be solved like this. There are certain mental and physical disorders that require medication, but us as a society need to realize that when someone is having a bad day they don’t need a prescription.
So a little advise from Dr. Monroe on a Friday….

If you’re having a sleepless night….Exercise.
The stress of life is getting to you…..Have a drink or two. (I may recommend 4 in some cases)
Your kids are bouncing off the walls and are not listening to you….Take away the computer and exile them to the outdoors to run around and cause mischief, trust me they will like it.

Now that’s free advise that Dr. Oz isn’t even handing out….

PS. Happy Friday peeps on this hot first day of August, have an amazing weekend and remember….If she makes you a mixtape, that my friend is a keeper.

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