Friday, August 8, 2014

Judging...The art of the high school reunion

Dear high school reunion,

Some fun facts and items of interest that occurred in my youth:

1.       The world was introduced to Forrest Gump and The Lion King.  
2.       The man who ruined music by popularizing the “grunge” movement Kurt Cobain, decided that turning his head into a block of Swiss cheese was a better option than being famous.  
3.       The Wonderbra was invented, thus introducing the male population to the term “false advertisement”.
4.       O.J. Simpson, better known as “The Juice” ushered in the advent of “reality TV” with his famous low speed car chase in Los Angeles after transforming his ex-wife and her friend into human Pez dispensers…..Allegedly.
5.       The Dallas Cowboys were Super Bowl champions. (This was obviously pre-Bitch Tits)
6.       Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place were must watch TV. (Let Donna Martin graduate!)
7.       Before R. Kelly was using under aged girls as restrooms he was topping the charts with a lil Bump and Grind.
8.       Garth Brooks dominated radio and country music and had yet to introduce us to Chris Gaines.
9.       Woodland Wolves football and baseball ruled the high school landscape. (Orange Crush!)
10.   If you had a pager you weren’t a drug dealer you were cool. If you had a cell phone you were rich.

If you are asking yourself why I am enlighten you with these tid-bits from my early youth, Saturday marks my next high school reunion and with it comes the anticipation of good times, memories and catching up with a lot of people that have not connected for some time. Your second reunion is always the one that you look forward to the most. Your first one whether it’s five years or ten comes at a point in your life when you are just really getting your footing and establishing yourself in the world. Jobs are new, family are starting and homes are being purchased for the first time. The second is where we are presumed to be in the “prime” of our lives and you take a long look at people and see what they’ve made of themselves in life….Yes, it is when you will be judged. People will look at you and question why you’re not married, why you have or not have kids, how come you’ve been divorced, why are you married to that girl or guy or why you are dating him or her. They will question what you do for a living in an attempt to see if they are doing as well as you are and visa-versa. Now in this day and age of Facebook and other social media avenues it’s much easier to follow peoples live that you grew up with and stay in touch but it still doesn’t take the place of the human aspect that face to face conversation brings you. People will ask you about “regrets” and “what if’s”. My answer to this is we all have them no matter what you may think. It is how we learn life lessons and better ourselves and you move forward and don’t look back on them. I can proudly say I have lived my life to the fullest thus far. I’ve succeeded, failed, laughed, cried and have had a hell of a time along the way and look forward to all that the future brings. So as I roll up to the event come Saturday night in my Ferrari, tipping with Benjamin’s and Kate Upton by my side I’m not worrying about the “what if’s” that most of us ask ourselves because I’m right where I belong….

PS. Happy Friday peeps and I hope you find yourself enjoying an ice cold beverage this weekend, make it a good one and remember…..Cocktails are always in good spirits. Coincidence??? I think not.

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