Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Talking & listening: A better alternative to depression

Dear Robin Williams,

Loving wife….Check.
3 children….Check.
102 acting credits….Check.
54 entertainment awards….Check.
1 Oscar….Check.
$5.16 billion dollars in total box office receipts….Check.  
Loved by millions of fans….Check.

Now if you ask me, all these above things are pretty good. It illustrates someone who has made it spiritually, socially and professionally in life. Apparently Robin Williams didn’t think so. We all have demons inside of us that we struggle with and face challenges every day in life. Not one person who is reading this can say to themselves that at some point and time they didn’t wonder if the world would be a better place if they left, be it triggered by pain or stress from family, work, a relationship or just everyday occurrences. Suicide is a horrible thing and I’ve always said it’s a copout for dealing with your problems. It is a selfish act that affects your family, friends and loved ones and is a burden that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Depression and addiction is what we as society blame when a tragedy like this takes place. Depression affects us all. It can be triggered by numerous situations that we encounter in life and we all have distinctive ways to deal with the struggles of it. Some drink there problems away why others go for a run or hit the weights. You may open a good book alone when feeling down or chose to surround yourself with company while some may seek medical attention for it through the form of a prescription. There are two distinct and lost art forms that people in this day and age of disconnect with text messages, emails and social media that we fail to utilize when the struggles of life starts to take its toll on us……Talking and listening. Now it seems so simple but for some it isn’t. People fail to open up to others for fear of getting judged and therefore hurt more. Trusting and confiding in someone is a huge step which I struggle with myself. Finding that person or group that you can opening up to is a huge step in self-preservation. While the majority of us are fluent when it comes to chatting up someone we fail at the latter in listening. Whether male or female most of us want to try and fix the problem right away when all the person wants at the time is for someone to lend an ear. If there is a lesson that I’ve learned that has benefited me most in life, it is to know when someone is looking for answers or just needs an audience (guys, you might want to write that down). The power of human interaction at an intimate level of conversation can do more for the soul then any form of pill out there folks. Next time when you are feeling down find that special someone you can talk to whether it be a family member, friend, loved one, etc. and if that doesn’t work do what I do sometimes, check out a Walmart on a Sunday morning. 20 minutes there will make you realize that your life pretty damn awesome…..

PS. I hope you are having a great Tuesday peeps, hug someone today, they’ll appreciate it and remember…..”Cocaine is God’s way of saying you’re making too much money” – RW…….

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